Coffee, my coffee

I drink a lot of coffee. I have since I was a youngster. A pot a day.

When I tested for it, coffee had no impact on my BG levels. None.

So I stopped testing for it.

I have noticed recently I am riding higher than usual, and I have stopped losing weight.

Suddenly it occurs to me. I had switched from a regular coffee to a New Orleans style, with chicory.

So I looked up chicory at nutrition data and sure enough, it adds about a gram or two of carbs per 8oz cup, (who uses 8oz cups anymore). So I have been adding a significant amount of carbs.

I have a self imposed budget of 75g a day. I got to look closer at some of my food assumptions.

I read ingredients, a lot, too. One would think things like "extracts," and "artificial flavorings" would add nothing, but look up the Burnt Sugar one... it's all actual sugar and corn starch, but of course, they put no "Nutrition Data" label on it. lol

Makes me so mad. Coffee, of all things.

There is nothing that can be trusted.

The only safety net is my testing after every meal to see how it effects me.

I got some coleslaw from the deli counter. Who knew sugar was one of the ingredients.

Yeah, coleslaw is sweet... this is why. :/ And things like deviled eggs, I actually prefer savory deviled eggs, and so does my husband, so we make them ourselves to take to parties so we don't deal with all the miracle whip and sugar they add... God, I hate miracle whip. lol Ruining mayonnaise by adding sugar to it! Yuck. lol

how much more of a jump in sugars are we talking about?

The continuous injestion of 20 to 30 more grams of carbs a day, on a diet of 75. I wasn't noticing a sudden bump because I drink coffee continuously.

And coffee formerly had no effect at all.

What I have noticed is I am running in the 150s and 160s with occational higher readings, as opposed to the 130 and 140s.

I just tossed all the New Orleans coffee and went back to my regular coffee. We'll see if my BGs go back.

When I first gave up sugar, I was shocked to see how many things other than the expected desserts contained sugar!

Not that I am going to live or die on 30 grams, but if I were going to budget for an additional 30g of carbs, I certainly would not choose to spend it on chicory. Not when I can have a third of a Ghirardelli chocalate bar, per day.

You can make sugarfree coleslaw at home. It's super easy. I like a recipe by Mark Bittman that uses a vinaigrette on the cabbage instead of mayo, and it has some green chile in it too.

Try putting the chocolate bar IN the coffee. :)


so the results are in

And it was probably the chicory. My BGs are down to 130s 140 with occational higher.

I doubt the chichory would raise bg. It is mainly fiber which isn't supposed to be absorbed. I use to always spike in the late morning and I thought it was the coffee. I cut out the coffee and still saw the late morning spike. I now switched the times when I take my metformin and take 2 doses in the morning and one before bed. Also I found using a couple of teaspoons of Coconut oil in the morning helps lower my bgs. Some even add it to their coffee or hot choclolate.

I had always used coffeemate in my coffee… its always the first thing I do in the morning. After I was diagnosed… i didnt test until i was ready for my breakfast… my levels were always through the roof!! I couldnt figure out why… then just out of curiosity i tested before and after my coffee. Thinking maybe it was the coffee i drank it black (yuck) and tested… it didnt do amything… darn it all it was the creamy goodness of the coffeemate… which I use because I am lactose intolerant…sigh :frowning:
Now i use soy milk…not the same. grrrrrrrr

That doesn’t surprise me. Coffee beans and chicory root are different. It is a starch veg root and has some ‘sugar’ in it.

I am assuming you switched back to regular coffee beans right and are back to normal.

So glad coffee has no carbs. :slight_smile:

Yes, back to carb free coffee. Something to be thankful for in all of this.

I am still reading about this but I “Think” caffeine stimulates the production of dopamine and adrenaline. Dopamine giving caffeine its addictive properties and Adrenaline causes the body to kick out glucose for energy… causing the BS to spike…

I bolus for 15 gm of carbs even if i dont add anything to my coffee. I also love Pepsi Max and have to bolus for that too… but only 10 grams. I was interested in how Pepsi Max effects me because i can drink a hell of a lot and it not give me that jolt. So I got my BS down to 90 and drank a max. In about 10 minutes i was back up to 122. it seems like if my BS is up above 150 the Max will not give me that jolt but will cause me BS to go up higher

I usually dont have the brains in the AM to try anything like this… lol I am a coffee junkie too!!

I just did the same thing. I realized my soy creamer was about 3g per cup of coffee. I put down about 5-6 cups a day. Holy Cow! Thats 15-18g of carbs for a 35 carb a day diet (sorry, just tabulated this)! Wow, carbs come in strange places and not where we normally think.
I try to do an all day food log once a week. Just to keep up on what and how much Im eating. My days are pretty similar in relation to food portions.

Good catch on the Chicory. Its hard keeping an eye on all these sneaky carbs sometimes!

Some of the flavoured coffees are very sweet too. I found coffee lowered my bgs, it does calm me down, but I am a long term addict. But I am a plain ground coffee fan, Italian style.