Coffee spiking levels

Has anyone ever had a problem or noticed that after having coffee in the morning the glucose level elevating by 20 points or so? I use just a drop of 2% milk and no sweetner. Don’t know if it’s part of the dawn phenomenon thing or what.

On a side note levels are going down little by little. Guess the pancreas is recovering somewhat after the pancreatitis attack a few months ago. #'s are now staying between 125 mornings and even got a string of mid 90’s for a few days. Haven’t seen any 90’s since this whole thing started unless they gave me insulin.

I’m going for the Reverse the Big D idea.


I’ve heard of this happening with Type 1. I think there’s some thought about the caffeine affecting blood sugars… Whatever the case, I’ve knon people that had to count their coffee as about 10 grams of carbs or so.

Yeah Team Reverse the Big D!


Big Daddy you say 2% is that fat content? I checked out plain milk at the supermarket the other day Full cream milk sugar 5.2% down to no fat milk 4.9% sugar.per 100 grams considering soft drink has 10% sugar per 100g. I was suprised how much sugar was in plain milk. (australian milk)

I had a lot of pancreas pain, to the stage the pain radiated up along the botttom of my ribs and if any clothes touched or rubbed against my stomach skin area i was in agony. One weekend i run out of pain killers and noticed by monday the pain wasnt so bad, so stopped pain killers and about fortnight later pancreas was no longer in pain. Several months later another problem, took same pain killers again and sure enough pancreas was in pain again. Even after stopping taking pain killers it took 2 weeks for pancreas to setttle down.

And can try cutting things in Half… if use 2-1 scoop of coffee mix, go for a 4-1, etc…

Next , I would try DeCaf and use Only Creamora…ie: No Carbs…

Then try just TEA…

and see what happens

Big D

I am type 2, and found that my number does go up with coffee, At first it was a teaspoon of powdered creamer
with one packet of Splenda
I no longer use Splenda but creamer only.
This morning at 3 AM I was 92, at 4 AM I was 114
I have seen the same results with just Black coffee also
I tend to lean toward the Caffeine part of it.


Yup! Goes up about 20 pts. I only use cream.

I’m type I and I go up 20-30 points on black coffee. It must kick my liver into high gear. I had unexpected highs every afternoon well after lunch and my ENDO picked up on the fact I was snacking on a cup of java around 4:30. I bolus for it and stay steady.

I go up about 40-50 points with my espresso! Crazy! My worst sugar spikes are coffee mixed with starch - went to 300 with homemade Easter bread and espresso last week. Totally out of proportion to the carbs. If I eat protein with the coffee, it’s not so bad.

Coffee with sugar substitute or sugar spikes his glucose like crazy and he HATES strong coffee…he drinks it pretty watered down. What we were told was that caffeine, even the smallest amounts interfere with the absorption of insulin

I can relate to pain of the pancreas. Was hospitalized for just under 1 month on Dilaudid. When that puppy acts up it’s no joke.

Definitely something to the coffee thing. Glad it’s not just me going nuts, lol

Thanx to all

Big D

Hi, I am brand new here and recently diagnosed possibly after years of diabetes.I am watching my BG like a hawk and there is no question caffeine spikes me, i switched to decaf and problem is solved :slight_smile:

I drink decaf and only about once a week so I didn’t know there was a problem. But I was having spikes with dark chocolate so now I leave that alone.

Maybe because you’re talking T2 and I’m T1 but I really don’t think that is true for me. If I don’t eat after 5 hours, I will crash and it will continue to go down not up. I do know they’ve suggest T2’s eat several small meals throughout the day and this is probably the reason.

this is funny (in a manner of speaking) i was just saying to my pump trainer, the other day, that is seemed like coffee was hitting me w/ 50 + points in the morning and at night (i drink a fair amount at all times of the day) she said that it absolutely could raise your BG as it’s a stimulant… duh… i never even considered that… i use no sweetner and the fake creamer w/ no carbs or fat… guess i need to switch to decf… (at least for the nights) 8)

I do know liver will spill and raise BG overnight if it goes too low and results in a higher BG in the morning. I think that’s right.

You need to try a few mornings without the coffee to see if you notice the same effect… if you do, then it’s DP. If not, then it’s the coffee.

Caffeine sends me high, even the caffeine in tea, regardless of time of day. Decaf with a splash of cream causes no problems. Caffeine causes an adrenaline reaction in me.

As a T1 with dawn phenomenon, I have to eat as soon as I wake up or BG climbs. I eat practically no carbs for breakfast, mostly protein to tame morning highs.

i JUST had this conversation yesterday with a diabetes educator…

she was saying that when you don’t ‘break your fast’ that your body will pull glucose from your liver ( i think it was liver…quite sure)

i rarely eat in the morning, have coffee with a tiny dot of cream, and my sugars go crazy.

she suggested i do 1 carb with correction and that it would stop. i tried it this morning and it worked great. 4 oz of juice isn’t that hard to handle that early.


I noticed the same thing. Now I bolus 1 unit when I get out of bed. This keeps my BG flat. I had no idea that my BG went up without eating carbs. I always wondered why a small breakfast would send my BG high. Now I know that my BG was already high before breakfast even that it was OK when I got out of bed (when I used to measure).

Caffeine definitely spikes my BG.