Multiwave bolus for coffee?

I know this is a little advanced and may not get much response but I'll try anyway. On a pump I know many people will use a multiwave bolus for pizza, bread, etc. Coffee is sending me sky high and I bolus 30g for it even though there's virtually no carbs. Has anyone else experienced this issue and used a multiwave for coffee?

I take 0.7u to cover 2 cups of coffee with splenda, no creamer, but it has to be up front because the spike is so strong.

So funny...I was literally JUST having this conversation with a diabetic friend via text.I mean seconds ago.

We cant figure it out. I am 100% in love with coffee, but cant stand the sky rocket blood sugars. Almost feel like challenging myself to give it up. But I really dont think I can.

I only drink it with a splash of cream. No sugar, no fake sugar, no flavor, nothing!

Please let me know if you find the magic answer. Unfortunately it seems like it depends on the person.

It was recommended that I stop drinking it but I'd rather die. I use one k cup with 2 equal and a splash of heavy cream (I use it because it's 0 carbs). I have to bolus 30g which i am 1u to 4g for it. It's crazy but it's the only thing that has worked. The problem is, if I don't finish the coffee because I'm working or whatever. I'm glad to see I'm not alone here.

Is it a flavored kcup? And I have found that splenda raises me a bit too.

Nope, I don't like flavored coffee much. I usually get dunkin donuts or starbucks medium (not dark) k cups.

Wow...glad it isn't just me :) I am in the same boat! Coffee is my weekend sinful pleasure and I can't control the spikes very well either. I think its the caffeine that is driving the spikes. I take 2u per cup ( usually 2 cup drinker ) and it still send me up for a good 2-4 hrs before it decides to come back down. Funny how my diet coke doesn't do a thing to me :(

I'm assuming that you're talking about coffee in the morning. Have you tried to skip or delay that first cup and see what your BG does?

I'm thinking that perhaps your basal needs have increased and your current basal rate is insufficient. An insufficient basal rate combined with morning insulin resistance can make any kind of food or beverage challenge a high BG event.

Yes, we did that which made me increase basals. I've got it under control but I still find it odd. I've experimented with decaf...same outcome as well. But I drink coffee all day. It keeps me from eating stuff I shouldn't be eating.

So, for your coffee you bolus 7.5 units?? (30/4) Would you mind disclosing your total amount of insulin per day and your total basal as a percentage? I drink a lot of coffee with no apparent impact on my BS.

I'd say about 85u a day. That's about 55% bolus and 45% basal. I need to work on getting that more balanced but it's what it is. I'm also only one month old on the pump and all my numbers were not set properly until recent.

I don't bolus much for coffee, either. I do pump 0.3 units to cover about one ounce of heavy cream.

Any thoughts on how coffee is making your glucose levels rise? It has for practical purpose zero carbs, protein, or fat in it… Zero nutritional value whatsoever really… So what is in it that could possibly be converted to glucose? Or maybe the caffeine in it is causing your body to spike through some other mechanism other than digestion?

What kind of coffee? I use the following:

2 carbs for med. hot coffee with cream and 2 splendas at Dunkin Donuts
17 carbs for a tall latte at Starbucks
10 carbs for a cuban colada, or 12 carbs if with milk
4 carbs for keurig here at home, creamer + 2 splendas

I do use different types of boluses when I eat fattier foods, but I haven't had the need to do this with coffee.

Your insulin/carb ratio and resistance are really close to mine. I use barely any insulin for coffee. Interesting.

I find that iced coffee is less of an issue. Not sure why.

My BG goes up every morning when I get out of bead, I also drink coffee and it may have a little impact on my morning BG but on days I skip coffee it still climbs. My Endo says caffeine has a more pronounced impact on T2 diabetics, something to do with fat absorption and increasing insulin resistance. He also said that it is hard to detect the difference between days with and days without coffee because it takes approximately 4 weeks to build up the insulin resistance caused buy coffee.

I found that my morning coffee spike is directly related to DP. I have higher basal rates in the morning and still cover my 2 cups of coffee as 20 carbs. It is still not perfect but I cannot live without my morning coffee. I can have coffee any other time during the day and I don't need any coverage for it, so for me I don't think it's the caffeine.

My understanding is the glucose spikes in a classic fight of flight phenomenon. The caffeine causes adrenaline. The adrenaline causes the liver to dump sugar. Thankfully in my case it is a predictable amount.

I don't understand how coffee is sending you sky high. Coffee has no carbohydrates. What are you adding to your coffee?

I drink my coffee black with maybe one packet of Monk Fruit in the Raw. No cream. Zero sugar. Just coffee.