Cold hands and feet

Does anyone suffer from cold hands and feet all the time? Im not sure whether this is diabetes related (it could be thyroid related?). My feet in particularly are so cold at night i need a few heat pillows to warm them in order to fall asleep.

You check your pedal pulses? You got good, strong circulation there? Ask the Doc to check next time your in. This is definitely a diabetic-thing and can be an early indicator of crappier circulation (which we all have).

I’ve had this coldness for a long as I can remember. Its not a recent thing.

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Then its prob not diabetes related.

I don’t know why this feels wrong to recommend - because I imagine you live somewhere that everyone walks around in bikinis all the time on the beach, but if you have never heard of these before (they are not recommended for diabetics), they exist.

People swear by the Merino wool, but I like the battery operated socks. Battery operated socks are not recommended for us, but when you need them, you need them.

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Have you considered, raynaud’s syndrome?


But I’ve had diabetes for as long as I can remember too :rofl: :rofl:

haha I’ve been quite active in the last month or so in this forum, have I given you that impression that I’m in a bikini and on a beach ? :joy: :joy:

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I’m not at the point where my hands and feet turn blue. Its more a comfort thing. It’s cold and I can’t sleep with cold hands and feet. I use heat warmer socks at the moment during the day if I’m at home - at work I’m okay, I don’t feel the coldness as much.

At night, its heat pillows to warm up my feet. Compression socks don’t do anything for me.

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As long as I can remember my feet have always felt like they get colder easier. I loved the floor heater in my first car so I know it was way before diabetes. My circulation is considered fine. But sluggish thyroid seems to run in my family so that could have always been it. My thyroid isn’t the greatest, although functioning fine for now.

But poorer circulation comes with diabetes and so does thyroid issues. Both can cause the issue or maybe in someone that has a slight problem make it worse?

In Calif I used a foot warmer pad when I slept.

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I thought it was warm where you live. I know that it is warm where Marie lives. We got 70 degrees here this week and all the snow has melted. Somehow tedos is getting ripped off on weather.

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Yep thats me!

It can be. I’m in Australia, we have 4 seasons but this year it means nothing because the weather has been acting very strange. Feels like summer one day and winter the next. Its supposed to be warm now but today was cold and rainy. All good, can get out the bikini and sit in front of the heater, no beach and sand today. :joy:


Yes! My hands and feet are often cold. I have always assumed it was diabetes related… though my circulation and thyroid are fine. I’ve had my thyroid tested a few times because I’ve also experienced some hair loss and I know that is a symptom as well. It’s always come back fine though…

I often put an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed during colder months, just to warm up my feet.

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I have a bit of this, but also clammy and sweaty feet (thankfully not smelly, though). Part of that might be the Minnesota winter setting in, but even if I use foot powder I end up sweating through wool socks. No idea if it’s Reynaud’s or diabetes related, but I really hate it.

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@Brianna1 I would make sure you get a full panel of the thyroid tests done if you keep having hair loss. Several hormones can cause it but hair Loss was the first sign something was definitely wrong with my thyroid. I had been suspicious that my thyroid wasn’t okay but the tests they did always showed up that it was okay. but when I had hair loss for a couple of weeks I started taking a supplement for my thyroid and it stopped it within a few weeks.

It wasn’t until I went to the new endo that tested me right away for type 1 that she also automatically ran a full panel for the thyroid. It turns out my thyroid was working well but it wasn’t actually normal. I had the option of going on thyroid medication but my supplement was working so I just chose to stay on that. But they monitor it every 3 months now. If I slack in taking my supplement the tests start to go screwy again.

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For cold hands you can make a warmer using flaxseed - use 3 plus pounds in about a 12 inch square material (before sewing) and you can heat it in the microwave where it will stay warm for an hour plus - for less then 15 dollars. I have made them of all sizes and shapes. Nothing like it on a cold day.

Like this - forget the aroma nonsense - and I just pulled this link off amazon as an example - I would just make it myself and not buy it.


What supplements are you taking for your thyroid?

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That’s a good idea! Thanks. My heat pillows I brought are just that, one has some kind of grain in it, I’m not sure what it is but it’s not flax seed - it’s a grain/seed that is brown in colour and has a crease in the middle. The other heat pillow has some silicone beads in them which you can tell when you heat it because it gives off a bit of plastic smell.

How long does flax seeds last before you have to replace it?

I have ones that have been thru PA winters for years - they have easily been heated 500 plus times - they still work but have be redone because the material is getting kind of not so clean

Flaxseed is outstanding - rice does not work so well -

this is a super deal off ebay which I have purchased

there are vids on yourtube on how to make them - or you can ask me.

The trick is making them the right size - I take two to bed every night now.

Material also counts a lot - denim works well- you have to experiment.

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Great thanks. Do they attract insects or give off oil when heated?

Never had a problem - here is a link to what I call my masterpiece - it has 3 plus pounds of flax and is 14 by 12 inches - it has sections like if you have a sore hip or such it will not roll off - not a great pic but you get the idea. I had the microwave double the time once and one went to 186 degrees and was still good. With the flax you can make it cold I understand, I have never tried it.

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