Cold hands and feet

Thanks for that!

@Marie20 Thanks for that suggestion. I have wondered if the tests were correct so I will need to check on what exactly the tests are for.

What supplements are you taking?

@tedos Sunbeam actually has a heated foot pad that automatically turns off after a certain time.But I expect any heating pad will work. Get one that turns off after a certain time though and one that has a very low setting. The worry is always that a diabetic won’t feel it if you get burned on your feet.

@tedos and @Brianna1 I could see when my thyroid got tested how much my numbers improved with the supplements.

First I started with iodine drops and it helped. My numbers dropped, but different types of iodine work better than others and then I switched to Heritage Store Atomidine on a recommendation from someone and that worked better. I added Natural Factors Thyroid Health Formula and I improved even more. So then I stopped the iodine and my numbers went up some. So I do best on both. Although I can get by for quite a while with a slow crawl upwards on just the iodine drops.

I used to own a store so I recommended the Natural Factors Thyroid Health Formula to a ton of people and if they had really bad numbers like I had they might want to try both. I had the benefit of my tests but also a dog of mines. And then a bunch of customers started showing me their before and after tests too that showed it working.

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Ah okay, you are under active. I’m overactive so the iodine won’t be doing me any good.

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@tedos Not very much natural helps with an overactive thyroid. I had several customers research what might help and try various things with no success.

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Cold hands and feet for 25 years. I think its T1 circulation even though pulses are good. Many of us live in cold bodies!
Good to rule out other conditions with endo like Raynauds?

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I have had T1 for 48+ years and also Raynauds Phenomenon for a long time too. At least get checked to make sure it is not that… Good luck in keeping warm.

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Type 1 61 yrs. as long as my hypothyroidism is well controlled my hands and feet are fine.

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I have been small, thin and cold all my life. Living in the Northeast does not help that situation. I made one of my very best investments ever a few years back when I helped fund bedjet. It is totally awesome because as cold as the room may be at anytime, my body bathes in a cloud of warm/hot air. The beauty of the system is that if you have a partner, one side of the bed can be set to heating while the other side is set to cooling.

These are not exactly cheap, but as a one time purchase has been worth every penny for me.

If you are interested in getting one, get onto their mailing list and they have frequent sales. I believe that on sale they run about $700 for a complete set of 2 units to control both sides of the bed or about $400 for a one side unit.

I have no financial interest in this company at this time, but I have never heard of an unhappy customer. They aim to please and the quality is wonderful. I have the original model, so am sure that they newer models have even more bells and whistles.


Is this done with a blood test, if so what does it check for?

I am just like you! My hands and feet are always cold!! I wear socks to bed every night but at some point during the night they come off. I also wear gloves during the “colder” winter months. When it gets into the 40’s and 50’s, when walking to and from work or walking the dogs, I have gloves or mittens on.

My feet and pulse rate are checked at every doctors appointment. And I have great circulation. Also have thyroid checked every year and have no issues. So I just put it up to me just having cold hands and feet.

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I am exactly same but do have thyroid stuff. I think many of us experience the cold thing. Good to keep things in perspective, and grateful to be alive ! Well!

I have this. Fingers and toes go numb. It is often accompanied with lupus which I also have. I don’t know why!

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One third of people who have lupus also have Raynaud’s, an overlap or crossover syndrome


Are you sure it’s not just the fact that you are married?
Because just about everyone I know complains that their husband ow wife has freezing cold feet.

Maybe when you are dating you are doing more warming up activities.

Maybe being married just makes you complain more.

As for me I run warm. If you wear long pjs to bed it could help your issue, but it sounds like you have a severe case

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