Cold medications

Got my first cold since being DX’d, and its a beauty. I get one a year, right about now and they never slowed me down. This one looks like its gonna wait around to see what I get for Christmas :slight_smile:

I am a T2, my numbers are pretty good, and until this, I had very good control. I know I will get it back afterwards, but meanwhile, its interesting to see those numbers on the meter.

I need to find a decongestant OTC and am interested to know what folks use, have been recommended, or know to be really bad for the BG numbers. I realize I could go ask the pharmacist, but somehow, I prefer the experience and advice of those who have been there, and done that, over a textbook kind of person.

I used to get by with Mucinex D and as I mentioned in another thread, I read the box and it specifically says “not with diabetes” I never saw that word there in all these years. Funny how it keeps popping up now that I have it

Anyway, I would think it not a really bad thing to take it since my numbers are in control, and probably made worse by lack of good sleep, but want to solicit input from anyone willing to share experiences.

Besides raising the blood sugar, what else could something like Mucinex do to a diabetic like myself? Don’t like going to bed, not knowing if I will wake up :slight_smile:

I appreciate any feedback or ideas.


Hi John,

I suspect that if you read the labels on any given shelf in the pharmacy, you’re going to find that most medicines have a warning about anyone with Diabetes, pregnant women, existing medical conditions, etc. I think that for the most part these are on the box for liability coverage for the pharma companies.

I’ve successfully used Mucinex with no ill side effects, and I’ve also used Nyquil. It’s hard to tell sometimes, because my numbers will be elevated whenever I’m sick anyway, but they don’t seem to have any significant effect on my BG.

One thing you should watch out for is any medicine that contains a lot of carbs. Some medicines (cough drops are notorious) contain lots of sugar to offset the bad flavor of the active ingredients.

Hope you get to feeling better before Christmas. Remember that a Dr. visit isn’t a bad thing if it’s getting out of control.


Disclaimer: I’m not a Dr, just a diabetic.

Hi John:

I (Type 1 since age 3) grew up using this stuff when I had a cold. My Hubby’s Family used it also. If it doesn’t kill you, then it might cure you. It has no sugar. No alcohol. We actually like the taste. I believe cough syrups just mask the symptoms however. I’ve also used cod liver oil capsules daily since I was a Kid, so I don’t often experience a cold or flu. Actually, I had a flu in 2003.

You could also use a cool-mist humidifier(needs to be cleaned often) or a warm steam vaporizer(careful not to burn yourself) with Vicks.

Brett’s liability explanation is correct. But always ask your Pharmacist if any OTC medicines would react with your other meds or any other conditions that you may have.

I hope that you get over your cold way before Santa arrives. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks Brett. I tend to agree with you, and since I am in pretty good control, I think I will try for a good night’s sleep with the Mucinex D and see what happens.

Good catch on the cough drops and other meds being high in sugar. I hadn’t thought of it, but I just looked and was suprised at what I saw.

So, if you don’t hear from me again, the Mucinex was a bad idea, but I take all the responsibility for the choice :slight_smile:


That looks like interesting stuff. I may give it a shot. For decades, I have had one cold a year, about now, and it has been minimal, but this one is giving me a hard time. I suppose its old age, plus the immune system affected by the diabetes, and the stinking 8 degrees at night doesn’t help one bit :slight_smile:

I agree that cough syrup and the like just mask the symptoms and do very little good. I know that NyQyuil (sp?) does what it says, but so does a few shots of Jack Daniels :slight_smile:

I remember spoonfuls of cod liver oil. Probably another one of those good things, that got replaced with the junky meds they sell us now.

Mom used to put the Vicks on my chest when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me of that. A humidifier would be nice. I remember all the ones we had for our children when they were little. Wonder where they all went? I suppose I lost them in the divorce as well

Thanks for the suggestions and the kind words.


I use diatussen… I think I spelled it wrong… but it has no sugar, no alchol… tastes awful but it works…

I was told that many decongestants elevate blood pressure, but I just looked up Mucinex and it specifically said it does not. I do know that the kind you spray up your nose, such as Afrin, will. Also, if you use a nasal decongestant to much you may get “rebound” sideeffects when you stop - that is, worse clogging than before.
Ah shucks, all this talk is making me think I have a sniffle…