Cough and cold medications for diabetics?

Hi all, kind of new to the diabetic lifestyle and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve caught a cold as well. I’m a bit concerned about taking any of the normal cough or cold remedies I used to because the vast majority of them don’t list their total ingredients on the bottle (only active ingredients) and I don’t want to wreck my blood sugar.

Are most OTC cold medications sugar free, or do most of them use sugar? Do you need to specifically look for sugar-free pain relievers, cough suppressants, and so forth? Judging by most of them having a sweet taste, there’s something in there worth asking about.

I have found that tablets (like Advil Cold and Sinus, cough suppresants) have no effect on my blood sugars.

I don’t usually use cough syrups anyway, but I think those often have sugar in them. Even the “sugar-free” ones have some carbs. I do buy sugar-free cough drops (at the regular drug store) and use those when I have a cold.

Plus hot tea with lemon juice :slight_smile: (Lemon juice has carbs, but I use a small amount).

My blood sugars tend to be higher when I have a cold. Hope that you get well soon!

I use tablets as well - have always preferred them over any kind of syrup.

As for cough drops, I usually go for the sugar-free Ricola lemon herb.

You can buy diabetic cough syrup. It is usually in the diabetic part of the store, they have a night and day formula both.

You also have to watch out for alcohol in cough syrup. I’d check it with the pharmacist before buying.

i use diabetic tussin and it doesnt affect my blood sugar. needless to say it tastes horrible -at least to me-