Winter biking with pump

I saw the thread here about pumping in cold temps, but wonder if anyone has any experience with cold weather biking while using a pump. Most of my rides are shorter (15-20m) and I could just stop delivery and put the pump in my pocket, but for longer rides I’m not sure what I’d want to do. I’m a guy and 99% of the day my pump is clipped to my waistband. On rides, there’s probably enough heat to keep the pump warm, but my worry is that insulin might freeze in the tubing if it’s exposed. Any tips?

I’ve biked in temps down to the high 20’s and never had any sort of issues with my pump or insulin. Everything is kept under a jacket–I wear biking apparel regardless of the temp. You should be fine unless you are directly exposing the tubing to frigid air.

I ride down into the 20s F, haven’t had a problem. I keep my pump either in a pocket-strap thing that goes around my waist, or the top pocket of my undershirt. Both locations are under my jacket and sufficiently near my skin for body warmth to keep my reservoir well above freezing. If it’s freezing, I’m freezing.

Like @Dave44 said: you want to make sure it isn’t exposed or yeah, that could happen, but I don’t find I have to take any special measures for that. The tubing is directly against my skin most of its length and under my over-clothes for what little isn’t.

Yes, tubing will freeze if exposed. Its best to tuck the tube inside a layer of clothing. When the tubing freezes, it will stop delivery. If you crack a frozen tube in half (by bending it), a tiny tube of ice will come out. This has happened to me many, many times. But, of course, it depends how cold it is and how long you are outside.


Ha, thanks! My solution for now is to throw the pump+tubing into an insulated lunch bag. That’s designed to keep things cool, but seems to keep the temp above freezing for my 20-30m rides.

I’m perplexed. Why cant u simply keep the pump inside of your outer clothing? Your body temp will keep the pump warm enough.

I’m confused by this, too. If you’re comfortable inside your clothes/coat, so is your pump/tubing. I live in the mountains, so snow and sub-zero temps are the norm half the year. My winter sport of choice is ski biking, though. (My balance sucks for normal skiing.)

Why would your pump and/or tubing be out of your clothes for extended lengths of time? I can’t imagine why it would be exposed to such extreme temps. It’s easy enough to raise or unzip a coat to get to it, and tuck away any excess tubing.

I also challenge that the insulin would freeze anyway. Fluid thermodynamics are fun, and moving fluids are very difficult to freeze. Any pump should be delivering insulin often enough for it to not be concern, expect in the most extreme Arctic temperatures maybe. If you’ve completely suspended insulin for your ride, go ahead and disconnect and tuck the tubing safely away.

Fair points! My outerwear isn’t super thick and is designed to be layered with a base layer, and the pockets on it aren’t very insulated. If I were wearing a puffy coat or something, pockets would be fine!

I like to ride in the cold, even down into the 20s (F). I use a stretchy waistband thing with pockets in it. Can’t remember the brand name, but I think there are multiple versions of the same thing if you use The Google or Amazon search. Keeps it against my belly inside my cycling jacket, and seems to do fine. Never had any problem with pump freezing. Only issue for me is that below a certain temperature my BG goes up instead of down with the exercise. That’s annoying!