Color of pump

So I know I just got my pump two days ago, but already the color is coming off and I have a small scratch on the screen. I realize people have had problems with these things before, but I was very careful with the pump since it is brand new and I just find it completely unacceptable that this is already happening so quickly.

I ordered a pump skin and screen protectors for it, but they wont be here for a least a week.

Does anyone else have this problem happen as often as I already have?.. and if so will they replace the pump if it starts looking pretty rugged even if it works properly?

Call Animas Tech support and share the color is peeling. Present this from the standpoint you question if it passed all of the quality checks. Share you are “uneasy about the quality - if paint peels, what else is wrong you cannot see”. I have had a blue Ping for 2.5 years. Except for one case CRACK at the battery cap, it has been perfect.

If you call them and explain they will send you a new one and ask you to return the one you have.

Thank you guys. It’s good to know they will at least send a new one… it isn’t in too bad of condition, but I just can’t imagine what it will be like in another week or so… if it gets any worse I will call them.

I tend to agree, vani, that there is something not right in your pump. I’ve had mine 6 weeks (not long, I know) and it’s hit the floor several times and it still looks perfect.

I’ll never forget the first time I bought a brand new car. I had just moved to a building with carports that you needed to enter at an angle. I hadn’t figured out the angle yet and got a minor scratch on my new car. I went into work the next day and told everyone how upset I was. They laughed at me (nicely of course) and said scratches are very common, especially in the city and I’d get over it. They were right, with subsequent cars, the first scratch always hurt (me not the car) but not quite that much. You gotta figure that if you compare square footage the pump is probably the equivalent of the most expensive luxury car out there! (Even though few of us had to pay full cost!)

vani, what color pump do you have? I have noticed that some colors wear more than others, especially the green pump.

I haven’t had mine long either but no color is coming off of mine.

Mine is pink!! But I will check up on it … it’s not too bad right now, if it gets worse then I will call or ask the trainer tomorrow since I see her. How do you guys wear your pump in the car? If I have it by my pocket or belt for work it seems like the seatbelt is always going to hit it… is this a big deal or should I not worry so much about that?