Paint chipping?

Anyone else out there finding that the color on the animas pumps (i have a pink one) starts chipping off? It may sound like i’m abusing my pump or something, but i really don’t treat it badly! I’ve only had it since this past November and already the color is starting to fade in places and in others the paint is totally chipping off. I know that this isn’t effecting the actual workings of the pump its self, but i chose the pink one because it was pink! If i had known it was going to chip like this i would have chosen the silver one…
Anyway, i was just curious to see if this was happening to anybody else out there…and if not, maybe i need to re asses the way i treat my pump…

Hmm . . .we’ve only had ours since Feb. But I’ll take a look and see. Willow is 8 and is really active. - she is a kid so she does not really take into consideration whether an activity might be hard on her pump. Case in point - she wore it with the belt clip tonight on the outside of her jeans while riding her horse. It was banged up against the saddle a few times while getting on and off the horse . . .so I will have to see if we have any paint chipping yet! I would not be surprised tho if we do!

I’ve had mine since Dec and it looks fine. It’s a black Ping.

mine has a tiny chip on the top right corner of the screen. i also don’t abuse it. i was thinking of calling up Animas. like you I don’t want a chipped pump for the next 5yrs.

oh! I cant totally answer this question for you!
I also got my animas pump in november, except mine is green.
and my paint immediatly started chipping off, not even 2 weeks after i got it.
So i recently had a doctors appointment and I asked my nurse if there was anything I could do about it and she actually told me that Animas contacted them and told them to tell everyone who is having this issue to call Animas (the toll free # on the back of the pump) and they’ll send you a replacement because there was a bad batch of paint or something.
So i called Animas the night after, and i had a brand new green pump at my house the next morning :smiley:
Animas customer service is fantastic and they were all super nice!

hope that helps lots :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!
i was starting to get nervous about the idea about having a half pink half white chipped insulin pump for 4 more years
maybe its just because im a girl, but i like my pump to look pretty!
I’ll have to give Animas a call tomorrow

yeah for sure!
My pump is like the most expensive thing I own… I didn’t want it looking like a piece of junk =]

Did you call? what did they say? I actually looked at Willow’s and the screen is scratched and the paint is chpping and I also noticed that there is some grey sealing stuff coming out from around the screen. When they send you a replacement - do you have to send the other one back?

I got mine in October of 2008 and to date have no chipping paint. I’ve scratched up the screen a bit cause i wear it where my seatbelt clips over my right side, but that’s my fault. I am not easy on the pump and it has stood up mechanically and otherwise to everything I’ve thrown at it. For a precision medical device, I’m happy with its durability.

I called Animas and they seemed very understanding. I had a new one waiting for me at home the next day. i am very happy their customer service to say the least.

i have a silver 2020 i have lot of paint that is off of it and i not that roguth with it and ihavent had it for a year yet but soon it will be a year i was goign to get some paint or some to see what i can do with it but i just deside to leave it like that that kool that you got a new pump

I have a blue 2020 that I’ve had for over a year. I noticed that the paint was chipping after a couple of months. I was using a belt clip and thought that maybe I was being rough with it when I am working on odd jobs. (I have scratched the screen also) I have had no mechanical problems with the pump, and there is now a lot of paint off. The pump is now looking very well used, and I usually wear it inside a cell phone case, or a hide-a-pump case

Wow Roland - you have the same colour pump as I have - and I wasn’t sure if someone had posted the same question that was going thru’ my head - “is my pump okay - despite the paint coming off?”. I pretty careful with my pump - most of the time have a top over it (don’t keep it in a case) - so couldn’t figure out - “why is the paint coming off?”.

So, glad to hear that others have the same thing happening to them - but like many - as long as the innard work - I’m fine with it. Tho’ I may try doing what Allana above wrote back in April - she called up Animas - and apparently she was getting a new pump - tho’ I’m not sure - maybe she was having problems other then just the paint chipping off?

BTW, we can get skins for our pumps (for both IR1200, IR1250, 2020 and Ping) - here’s the link to check it out - only $19.95 USD (probably not available for Canadians - always seems to be the way - we don’t even have the Ping yet) -…

UPDATE: The Ping is now available in Canada. Skins aren’t available - sigh - it’s not even a medical product - so doesn’t have to go under the scrutiny of Health Canada - obviously - there’s not a market for skins north of the border !