Combining low carb and low residue diets

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for any tips/guidance you can provide. I was diagnosed type 2 about nine months ago, and since then I have managed my BG quite successfully through diet, exercise, and medication.

I recently had my first ever colonoscopy. The recommended diet prep for that procedure was low residue (low fiber). Makes sense of course but it did raise my BG levels a bit.

Without going into the details, that colonoscopy revealed the necessity for continued, and perhaps relatively frequent surgeries and procedures that will require a sustained low residue diet. I’m finding it very difficult to maintain a low carb approach while eating a low residue diet. My BG levels are slowly creeping up.

Can anyone point me towards some resources that address my particular challenge of combining low carb with low residue?

Thanks again in advance!

Not sure about the resources, but can you be a bit more specific on how low carb you’re thinking and how low-fiber you need to be? I ask because there are some diets out there that work really well for Type 2s, are very low-carb, and could be low-fiber as well. I’m thinking of a nutritional ketogenic diet with some heavy supplementation. You can check out for stories, links in the sidebar to recipes, and general advice. It is usually a weight loss sub, but there are plenty of diabetics that hang out there since the diet is good for most Type 2s and many Type 1s. Also check out /r/ketogains for info on exercise and keto diet in combo (that sub has more athletes and others not interested in weight loss).

The basics are pretty simple:

  • Eat less than 25g of net carbs per day for “strict keto”
  • Supplement with multivitamin, D, Omega-3 Fish oil, and electrolytes
  • Seriously, on the electrolyte front: potassium and magnesium supplements; add salt to everything (even water, on occasion)

So, what that often means in terms of eating: green veggies (have to be careful about some that are higher in fiber), meat, eggs, oil, and cheese. Many people eat low-carb and very high fiber (I myself do that), but if you aim for very low carb you can skip most of the fiber by leaving out protein bars, low-carb breads (which are always super high in fiber), and fiber supplements. Maybe even watch the nuts (some of which are high-fiber).

Benefits are seriously flat-lined blood sugars and the diet is (strangely) really good for cholesterol and general heart-health for most people. While dieters tend to call it “keto diet,” many doctors refer to it (and related eating plans) as an “insulin minimizing diet.” It places very little stress on your beta cells (by not demanding much endogenous insulin production) and works very well with exercise (although it is difficult to adjust to very low-carb initially).


Low Residue? Have not a clue as to what that means…But I wish you well…

Why does very refinement of various dx make things harder to relate to!!!..Bah

Why the eff can’t I do a simple spell correct.??? Eff

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are allowed to some extent. Vegetables that do not have skin or seeds can be eaten if they are cooked or canned. You can also consume cooked or canned fruits if they have the skin (all except for pineapples).

Cooked or canned vegetables without skin or seeds
Ripe bananas
Vegetable juice with no pulp or seeds
Fruit juices with no pulp
Desserts and Other Sweets

Hope this helps. Nancy