So I was not with you since … so many months but I read the messages and others blogs! I was very busy with the elections in my country. I don’t want to tell you something about elections but I can tell you that I’m happy, and very tired.
the last 3 months were a lot of hours in the markets to speak with people, or climbing old stairs to knock at the doors… and what about my sweet (sugar is sweet) type one? What do you want to say? Type 1? oh, yes, it is very well… I lived a very good low at 30, in a street, cold, very cold winter day and after eating it was forgotten! I was so much busy!
I really like my Levemir wich works 24 hours. And I really hope my next A1C will be a good one. I’m like a super Brigitte, a new woman who can walk 2 hours without thinking about diabetes. And I have a new Endo who knows about low carbs diet and I think it’s very important. It’s not a good blog because I’m feeling fine and strong but it’s my real come back with TuDiabetes, as a french Ambassador. I’m thinking now about next November 14th and a conference with a doctor.
So Bonjour à tous et I’ll be more with you now, I have the time!

Dear friend Brigitte…How good to get news of you and your life in France! I’m also trying a more low carb diet, and am finding it helpful. I’m afraid to go on a too low carb diet because of weak kidneys. It’s hard to know just how few carbs still keep the kidneys protected. Years ago, I lost a lot of weight on a very low carb diet and I felt great. With type 1 diabetes, I wonder if it’s ok for the body to go into ketosis. Does that bring on ketoacidosis? My dietician does not favor low carb diets, but I know I do better on them. Let me know how you’re doing! Spring has come early here, and I am thrilled to just work in the sun and mild breezes. I’m cleaning out the garden and anticipating the colors and fragrances of delicate flowers. Which is my favorite flower? Why, that is like asking a mother which of her children she likes best. Impossible to choose! Maybe it’s the deep magenta lilac…no! What about that fragrant, old rose vine, climbing up the garden trellis! Do you garden, Brigitte? Take care, and I’ll speak to you soon, Michou