Coming out about dermatillomania

I’m a type 2 with diagnosed dermatillomania. I have picked my feet to the dermis in spots in response to severe stress. I’m now healing two ulcers and the back of my r toe. I was ashamed to admit I did this to anyone because I know with T2 it’s playing with fire…. but am lucky enough to have a caring partner and supportive wound care team…

Anyone familiar with this or resources addressing dermatillomania in diabetics?

As well as wound care team, counselling could help. You would know by google that it’s a displacement activity, OCD and stuff.

I gave up biting fingernails by thinking about what I was thinking about. When I started to engage in it. I kept my nails short and filed smooth, rough bits encouraged biting.

If a rough bit of skin triggers you, you could smooth out or cover the skin, it may help?

spray plaster to a nonwound area, to pick at as a transition?