Feet care

I am switching podiatrist, same practice. My new one is my husbands, liked his bedside manner much better. So my feet:
Gold bond Healing nightly
Husband cuts my nails, due to vision
I file rough skin on my heels and a low level callous with a nail file.
Summer I wear keen closed toe sandals with socks ( previous podiatrist didn’t like these, my endo did). Or New Balance sneakers.
I have rare tingling in 1 toe ,arthritic for many years. Might happen 1 time in 2 months. I worry about my feet as I am a walker .And love my pool that is closed right now. So no major issues that I know off. How are your feet doing? Nancy50


Last time I saw a podiatrist was about 10 years ago and he trimmed down my ingrown toenails. I was diagnosed with type 2 in 1998 and might be due for some complications at this time. I have one toenail totally black from fungus I guess and red blotches in various ares of my feet. So I guess my diabetes type 2 is finally getting to me. Any comments?

I am not sure about red blotches on your feet. Since I don’t drive I have taken care of my feet to help prevent issues. Time for a visit?? Good luck. Nancy50

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I walk a lot in sandals and flip flops because I live where it’s hot. I have fibromas in my feet so flip flops are also the best walking shoes even though I know that sounds insane to everyone reading this.
Because oh that I get thick skin and my heels crack open leaving me at risk for infections.
Several years ago I started super glueing my feet and also grinding them down with pumice. It has helped a lot and I don’t need to glue them any more.
I think some attention to your feet will have a lasting effect.
If your toe is black it might have gangrene. I’ve never seen fungus go black, but let’s hope it is that simple.
You should get tin to a doctor ASAP.

Vancouversailor, how did you make out with your foot issue? Nancy50

@Vancouversailor see @Nancy50 question above.

(I think you need to use the “at” symbol " @ " to get their attention.)

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