Common cold

dumb question, but besides drinking tea and staying warming and lots of Kleenex, do you take any decongestants?

I have to work today (4 hours)... I'm tired already.. Had hot lunch with a lot of tea. Afraid of taking a cold pill as I am afraid it will put me to sleep.

Any suggestions.


I agree with pseudoephedrine, particularly the 12 or 24 hour extended release versions. Ephedrine is a stimulant so it doesn't usually make people drowsy although it can sort of make things a bit almost sparkly. I sort of like it. It cranks your BP up. It can also make it hard to fall asleep if you get the shorter acting ones in the evening.

That makes a triple endorsement of Sudafed or generic. If you have a cough, ask for sugar free cough syrups.

Drink lots of water, stay warm, read a GREAT book... All the motherly advice.

I don't take anything other than Zicam, which I take as soon as I even think I might be coming down with a cold and then, if I do actually get the cold, I take Zicam 2-3 times a day for the first three days. In addidition, I use a nasal irrigation system once or twice a day. Since I've been doing this, I don't usually get the cold at all or, when I do, it's pretty much gone by day 4.

Don't know if it's actually the Zicam or if it's psychological, but either way works for me, lol. And the nasal irrigation system just makes me more comfortable if I DO get the cold.