Complications from vectromies

I apologize I post to comments instead of adding a discussion. I have had Type 1 for 53 years with no complications until 2010. Due to a torn retina in my right eye with vitreous bleeding I had 2 vectromies done within 2 months. I now have cataracts in my right eye. My vision is 20/50, night time blindness and no depth perception. My retina splst wants me to have cataract surgery but I am afraid too since I have no sight in my left eye. I am still hoping it will come back once the silicon is removed which might be sometime this year. I had a torn retina with vitreous bleeding in my left eye in Dec 2013 which resulted in 3 Vectrectomies. I apologize for rambling. Has anyone else had all of these issues and would you have cataract surgery in your one good eye?

Hi Gail,

I had diabetic retinopathy over 25 years ago, and also have had 2 vitrectomy surgeries. (One in each eye and one scar tissue removal surgery.) I have also had cataract surgery in both eyes with NO complications. The cataract surgery actually helped improve clarity. :)


Hi Jo, thank you for replying. I’m glad your eyes are ok now. I take several shots a day and wonder if I can have the cataract surgery without having it covered afterwords since I am blind in my left eye?

Hi Gail,

I was only down the day of surgery. I was able to have my eye uncovered the next day and could see much clearer. Usually the doctor will go through all the specifics (including how long you will be covered) and give you a good idea before you make the decision. :)