Diabetic newbie

hi ive just been dignosed as having type 2 diabetes
don know much about it
apart from controling my blood sugars eating the right things
& losing a little weight
if anyone can give me any advice or ideas please let me know

Besides hanging out here, I would recommend:

  1. Get with a Diabetes Educator: it’s time very well spent.
  2. Check out this list of books: www.bestdiabetesbooks.com (one of them is authored by Amy Tenderich, one of our members).

yeh my doctor has put me in for a learning course but im yet to find out when that will be
in our area its a case of when they have anough people on the list they organise the group
they tell me im roughly about 2 stone over weight so follow the diet sheet i was given
im on metoformin 1 at lunch time & 1 at dinner they told me they could up the dose to 4 a day if need be
but as long as i stay healthy & dnt cheat then i should stay on them for a long time
my diabetic nurse said maybe if i keep a food diary it would help
has anyone elses done one of these? & how helpful is it to you

I did a food/blood glucose levels/exercise/weight diary for a few weeks before I saw the nutritionist. I found it helpful to work out things. I’d recommend it.

I walk 8 miles a day. Strength train three times a week. Count exchanges. And Test, test, test…

If you don’t have a blood glucose meter, go get one, and test several times daily. If you can only test twice a day, test when you awaken (fasting blood sugars) and two hours after the start of a meal (post-prandial blood sugars). If you can test more often, it is better. I tested five times a day for quite a while, at awakening, after every meal, and right before bedtime. As Denise says, test, test, test.

My nutritionist makes me keep a food and exercise diary for two days before every monthly visit, so she can help me stay on track with my eating plan. You might want to do the same thing for yourself just to make sure you have a handle on what you are actually eating, when, and why - your mood when eating is part of the information to keep in the diary.

Exercise is important. Not only does it help you lose weight, but it helps you not be as insulin-resistant. If your goal is to get your weight down and minimize your need for medication, exercise is the key.

I was newly diagnosed Feb. 2007… I’m on metforim twice a day, as well, plus insulin as needed. Am also trying to loose about 70 lbs. A food diary is a MUST for me! You’d be surprised how much you actually eat when you don’t keep track, even when you think you’re doing okay! I also test 2-3 times per day… more if I’m not feeling well, or if I mess up on my diet! Good luck with getting control!

Best advice I can give, and I will be in the extreme minority here on this forum, is to remember that you are capable of reversing what you created. Drum up the internal strength inside of yourself and begin reading as much alternative material you can get your hands on, and stay as far away possible from ‘approved’ discussion, it will slowly limit your beliefs and mentally close the deal on the ability to have real health.
Try this book, it’s very good.
Google book link so you can see some chapters
…or even Jethro Kloss’s ‘Back to Eden’, written in the 1930’s

Continue to see your doctor so he/she can monitor your progress, stay on top of your glucose levels and slowly remove yourself from this system of care. It’s in your hands. This sounds completely wrong to many people, even idiotic to some, but disease is a survival attempt by the body and should not be viewed as a malicious attack or unknown malfunction inside yourself. Whatever lifestyle you have now will need to change, because that is what your body is asking for. This is an extreme about face that must be taken, unless you want to continue living with the disease and further depressing your natural abilities as an unlimited being.

im finding it very hard not to be tempted by all things im now not surpose to have a lot of or not have atal
im just hoping it gets easier as time goes on
ive been told if i stick to the diet excerice thing i will most likely stay on the tablets aparently one does not always lead to the other & meny people can get through live just on the tablets

I keep a log of my food when I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. now I have a general idea of how food affects me so I dont write everything down but it very helpful when you are starting out so you can look back and see if a certain food gives you highs or lows.