Compression gloves for neuropathy- amazing!

So, for some time now I’ve had neuropathy in my hands. It is far worse in the morning and throughout the night. It has gotten better with better BG control, but it still bothers me quite a bit. Sometimes I wake up and am not able to put my hair up because my hands are too fumbly and tingly. Sometimes it will wake me up at night. I’ve always gotten a moment of relief when SO squeezes my hands. So, I found a pair of compression gloves on amazon and have been wearing them for several weeks. The difference is amazing. I still have bad mornings, but the compression gloves have cut down the numbness, pain, and swelling a very noticeable amount. I just thought I would share this if anyone else was looking for some relief.


Thanks for this info. This kind of post, and especially the emotional support, are what keep me coming back to TuD each and every day! :rose: