I cant take it anymore!

i am hoping there is one of you out there that can help me with this question. i have neuropathy in my lower legs and feet. during the day it usually doesn’t bother me too much. however, as soon as i sit down at night or when i go to bed, i am being driven crazy by the burning sensation. i can usually ignore it and get to sleep, but recently i have a patch of skin just above and to the right of my right ankle that is driving me insane!!! i described it to my husband as if there were a little narly bug with really big teeth biting me a gazillion times for about 5 seconds and then going off the sharpen his little teeth and then coming back about a minute later to chew on me some more!! i was wondering if any of you know of, or have tried a cream made for diabetics for the neuropathy. i saw some at walmart (i am in canada), but cant remember the name of it. and does it work? or am i wasting my money??

Hi Kim,

I have diabetic neuropathy as well and it literally affects every part of my body. The shooting pains can hit at any time and any place within the body and they feel like someone is stabbing me. The pains don’t last long, they are kind of like electric jolts. Because neuropathy is a nerve thing, I don’t think a lotion can be all that effective. Only one doctor out of about 20 have been able to help me by prescribing a medication called Elavil or Amitryptelene. I’ve been on this medication for about 10 years, and now I only get minimal pains. I hope this helps you as it has helped me tremendously.

Take care

Hey Janice,
I was taking Elavil for a short time probably about 8-10 years ago. i found it made me dizzy, and being “dizzy” already, (as my family says LOL!) i didn’t really like the feeling. perhaps i should try it again. the girls at my Diabetes Ed. Centre here told me about a cream, but i cant remember the name of it. i think i saw it at walmart, as i said. i believe it was about $25 and i would be willing to pay that if i thought it would give me just a little relief from this stupid burning that has just started. it is sharp, jolting and biting, if that makes any sense. i did have triple bypass in january and i have a huge scar running down my entire right leg. of coure all the nerves were cut and i know they will probably never heal properly, but this is below the incision, which has healed pretty nicely. i may just break down and buy it, even if it only gives slight relief, at least til i can get to the doctor and see about trying the Elavil again. thanks janice :sunglasses:

Try Alpha Lipoic acid 300 mg in the morning and 300mg in the evening. It is great for diabetic neuropathy. I notice a lot of people talking about a lot of medications but not natural remedies. You can get this at a vitamin store such as Vitamin World, etc. .

I volunteered in the officeof a Neurologist for 9 years. He prescribed NEURONTIN for people with Neuropathy. I take it. I had all of your symptoms and for me things have gotten worse. My feet are completely dead. I just was given LYRICA but I am afraid to take it as the side effects are scary. It works for some people. I have heard many people say they use Alpha Lipoic and it gives relief. I hope things improve for you. Reed

i was hoping for a cream since i HATE taking pills! if fact i think i hate taking pills more that i hate injections! LOL!! at this point, however, i will do some research on the Alpha Lipoic and see what i find. i think things are worse in my legs now because of the bypass surgery. the feet are about the same. perhaps if i get out and do some walking (i am soooo lazy!) i will get the blood moving! thanks for the info Reed. 8)