Success in lowering HbA1c

So excited to share with everyone the news! Just returned from my doctor with a HbA1c of 5.7 for the first time in years! Been working hard to get it below 6. It's usually 6.2 to 6.8. Tiny meals and snacks eaten every few hours sure did help. Limited starch and meats, sticking to veggies and fiber. Lost over 20 pounds since last September. Hello new clothes! The only bad news--increased tingling in my arms and hands. Oh well, at least it's not painful yet.

Congratulations!! I also find that the small meals help to keep the numbers stable. I guess the tingling is neuropathy?

Congratulations! NO good on the tingling though :o( It could be neuropathy, a circulation problem or even a nerve problem from back pain?

Yes, probably. Very annoying.

I'm a 40 year diabetic, and started getting the numbness/tingling in my hands a few years ago. Turns out it's just simple Carpal Tunnel issues, which is very common for diabetics. Aleve helped a LOT for that, and some changes to my routines. Sleeping habits were a big part of the hands problem. I would curl them under me as I slept. I had to train myself not to do that.

Congrats !!! Great job on losing the weight and lowering the A1c. Perhaps the neuropathy will lessen if you stay on this program.

Great job with the A1C! I know there's lots of things that can cause 'tinglitis' but I hope that falls into line for you too!