Concerned About Infection

I have noticed that the omnipod adhesive has small round holes, I am guessing for adhesive removal. There are two of them right at the infusion site, and the two holes are direct entries to the infusion site. Have you noticed that on your pods? Is this a concern for you? I believe that Insulet should simply improve it by having no holes around the actual site.

honestly, I haven’t thought about that! I don’t have any issue with infections yet! I pray I don’t get any. I guess you can say I’m not do concerned. Should I be?

I have been on the lake lately, in the water. Just today, I looked at it, and I can see through the holes! I could probably stick a toothpick through both of the holes. It seems to me, that they should just not be there. I am sure that there must have been water enter through those holes. I might just be too critical on this, but if you haven’t noticed anything, you probably shouldn’t worry about it.

I think you need to call Insulet - I just looked at an entire box of pods that I have and none of them have holes in the adhesive material anywhere near the cannula insertion point. The holes are always one on each side, about 1/3 of the distance towards the “back” of the pod (if the “front” is the narrower end where the cannula inserts). I never even noticed the holes until reading your message.
I’d say that you have defective pod(s) and would call Insulet about it ASAP.

I am changing this pod tomorrow. I didn’t want to open a sterile pod container, but I took this picture of a sample pod I found. It has the exact hole pattern as my current pod. The small distance between the cannula area and the holes have come undone from the pod.
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OK, I see now what you are talking about. Those are obscured by the plastic needle cover unless you’ve already removed it for placement.
I don’t know, I’m not terribly worried. Given the extensive internal as well as FDA testing that such devices have to go through, I feel pretty confident that this design does not contribute to inordinate infection risk. If it did, I’m pretty sure they would have been detected and corrected.
I’ve only been on the pods for 3 months, but in that time I’ve done dirty, nasty yard work, sweated profusely from racquetball and softball, and even this past weekend spent about an hour in the pool - haven’t had any sign of infection at all.
If you’re still in touch with your CDE/trainer, you might discuss your concern with him/her to see if they have a response ready. Who knows, maybe Insulet would be glad to hear your suggestion…

Thanks! I just noticed that that is there for the needle cover most likely, but I will definitely contact them soon.

I sincerely do not believe that the holes pose an infection risk. I would think that the Insulet corporate geniuses have those two hole in the adhesive for a reason. I do not think that the adhesive is for keeping out anything from the site, the cannula itself is what forms a plug into your skin protecting it from infection, etc. I have never had any infection from my OmniPods. Probably what is most important for reducing infection is making sure you do not wear a pod for more than 3 days and that you rotate the site with each new pod. Good hygiene is also very important for us diabetics wether pumping or not.