Confession of a Diabetic Who Lives Alone

Since there’s no one around to see, I do a little happy dance when my blood sugars are good.

Then I hope you are happy dancing right now!

Why not? I live alone too. I generally don’t dance, but I do say an emphatic “yes” and feel quite smug.

Me too. When the number is not so good, I let out a Charlie Brown “Ugh” and quickly look away from the meter. Either way, I usually get a look of disdain from my pup.

I don’t live alone but I swear bigtime if it is high, then get even more upset when my husband says what did you eat, grrrr.

Yeah, it’s definitely a gloating kind of dance. Take THAT diabetes!

I can’t think of a better way to spend your time! There is definate freedom in a little privacy.

I do that too!;-)))))) Ale x