Where's the love?

I hate being diabetic! I hate testing my levels, I hate pricking my fingers, I hate injecting, I hate the headaches, I hate the highs, I hate the lows, I hate the cramps in my feet, I hate the mood swings, I hate not feeling in control, I hate being depressed, I hate letting everyone down, I hate smiling when I want to cry, I hate pretending I can do this.

I hear you, sistah!

Sometimes the cumulative effects of all the self care overwhelm me, too. Wouldn’t it be great to have a vacation every so often?

One question . . . who is the “everyone” that you’re letting down and how are you doing that?

For the record, the “not feeling in control” is probably the thing I hate the most!!!


Hang in there kiddo. You can do this. Keep working at it and keep trying. A big hug for you.

I hate to be a diabetic too! Yes testing is the pits. Yep…it hurts sometimes. Oops Im not injecting but my medicines cost me too much…I also get headaches… Ah yes, lows make me dizzy. I sometimes have cramps too when I over exercise. and I hate it if it happens in the middle of the night!.. I get mood swings too…True, where control should come from ourselves… Oh I know the feeling… It makes me feel bad sometimes when I make others worry about me…You can be yourself here, Debi… You don’t need to pretend…for you are not alone. Some of us have the same feelings as you. Perhaps, going through the same things…Maybe…if we can figure things out together one step at a time? Im sure your friends here will be with you to listen and to support you. I know, I would :slight_smile:

Sometimes I just sit down and cry. I do know your pain. But you CAN do this Debi. You are not alone, although I know if feels like it sometimes. It’s why we are all here…to be “around” people who are going through the same thing we are. Just take a deep breath…

sometimes it helps to just scream as loud as I can. sorry you are going through a tough time. even if you are mad enough to break something, at least you don’t have to pretend around us.

You got that right Debi all of the above, guess we can only play with the cards that are delt to us. you know im sure there are people with bigger problems than ours. but it would be great to have a week or two off.

Hey Debi i understand you pain as well diabetes took my life away while all my friends were at graduation parties i was at home recovering from being 3 weeks in the hospital some of my ignorant friends would make fun of me i would take it as a joke deep down it broke me down the year 2009 was suppost to be the best year of my life year i graduated high school the year i was going to start college parties but it all came to a complete stuff but hey we cant let that get in our way stay strong be strong i barely have 4 months with it and it seems like an eternity sucks we can all do it