Confidence, depression and diabetes

I was just wondering if anyone here finds the day to day living with diabetes etc causes them to lack self confidence, and out of interest what those things related to diabetes are that cause you to not have much self confidence.
I suffer from depression due to a number of things, I also have a real issue with my own self confidence in my abilities. Just interested to know if anyone can identify self confidence issues related to diabetes, which may also give you a higher likelihood of low mood and depression.

hi zozo, i definitely attribute a good part of my lack of self-confidence & social phobia to my diabetes. i am prone to bad insulin reactions, which can quite literally frighten people. i've had a couple of good but not really close friends call 911, they meant well but definitely unnecessary. i won't get into my family issues but i still have plenty of those. for some reason i have no problem taking care of myself(i.e. injecting or checking my sugar)in public, although i was brought up to think that was rude. so, i have to say yes, the diabetes takes a good swing at my self-confidence & it's a hit. cheers, liz

Hi ZoZo, I think more than a lack of confidence it is the Swings in the Sugar levels and all those chemical reactions in the head that cause mood swings :) But, most normal people would react to these acts like branding them with some kind of odd "disorder" or "condition" - which I find to be "preposterous" at times to say the least....
I had a lot of days like you have and glad to share the same with you, knowing that I am not alone.
cheers, sai.

Zo Zo,

I understand what you mean. Mostly my self confidence lacks due to the pain of the diabetic neuropathy. I am not able to do very much of anything without increasing pain exponentionally . But, a real fear of bottoming out, (unawareness) also follows me around. It happens once in a while when I'm out, which is not too much these days, and also overnight sometimes. I'm afraid one night I'll give up the ghost in my sleep!

I never had depression problems until diabetes wreaked it's havoc on me.