Conflicting Instructions on Disposal Packs

I just received my first disposal pack for my used Pods, and I noticed that the instructions from Insulet are different than the instructions from FedEx. In their “How to Dispose of Your Pods” instruction sheet, I am told to place the used Pods in the red biohazard bag, put the red bag (clearly marked Caution: Infectious Waste) into the clear FedEx Clinical Pak (their misspelling…not mine), and then to attach the enclosed shipping label to the outside of the FedEx Clinical Pak.

When I look at the FedEx clinical packaging, it says that the pack is a “clear plastic overwrap designed for noninfectious specimens after they are inserted into a sturdy outer container. This is only an overwrap and does not take the place of proper packaging.”

I see two contradictions. First, the red bag says “Infectious waste” and the clear bag says it is for “noninfectious waste.” Secondly, Insulet implies that I should be able to drop the red bag into the FedEx bag, slap a label on it, and ship it. The FedEx bag has illustrations which show the “specimen” being packed into a box which is then inserted into the Clinical Pak overwrap.

Has anyone recycled any Pods yet? Will FedEx accept the package if the red bag is just inserted into the clear plastic Clinic Pak? I do not want to affix the postage-paid label onto the Clinic Pak only to be told by FedEx that I cannot ship “infectious waste” in that manner.

Has anyone had any experience or problems trying to recycle Pods?

I have not received my disposal pack yet so I can’t answer your question specifically. I do use a mail order sharps disposal service and their procedure is similar to one that you have described. I put my used syringes (from filling the pod) into a red sharps container. When said container is full I put the self attached cover on it, place it in a ‘hazardous waste bag’ that came with the sharps container, then I put that into a box, attach a FedEx label and drop it off at the nearest FedEx receiving office. If I were you I would call Insulet and ask which set of instructions they want you to follow. I am expecting my pod shipment sometime this week, so I will check to see what my instructions are.

If you contact Insulet, let me know! We also have all that stuff, but I didn’t notice the inconsistency. I don’t think I would have read the directions until we were trying to mail them.

Just a quick follow-up, everyone. I called Insulet two days ago and told the customer service rep of the inconsistencies. She said she had never noticed that the instructions on Insulet’s “How To…” sheet did not match what was on the FedEx bag. She told me she would have to talk to her manager. She took my number and said that she would call right back. As I said, that was two days ago, and I am still waiting for that follow-up call. If I do not hear anything by tomorrow (and, believe me, I am not depriving myself of oxygen waiting for the return call), I will give customer service another ring. I know that the recycling is new to Insulet, too, but I think that we all deserve correct information before we try to mail something in that FedEx won’t accept.

I recieved the bag when I had to get a replacement PDM (turned out it was a battery issue :slight_smile:

Anyways… there were no instructions for the FedEx bags or pod recycle… IDK what to do

You have to sign up online to become part of their recycling program. When you do that, they will send you the whole recycling kit… and hopefully the instructions, too. I am remiss about not finding time to call them back because my red recycle bag is not yet full, but I will try to call them yet today to see if they have figured anything out yet!

OK, I finally got a person at Insulet who could give me a straight answer. I talked to Jason who told me that they were made aware of the inconsistencies about two weeks ago (Ha! Check the date when I originally called them!) between their instructions and the ones on the Fed Ex bag. They contacted Fed Ex and have worked out “a deal” that will allow us all to follow the instructions they send with the disposal kit rather than the instructions on the Fed Ex bag. So the word from Insulet is to follow their instructions rather than the Fed Ex bag instructions, and Fed Ex will accept the mailing.

I have not come close to filling my bag yet, so I cannot report if this will work hassle-free. Keep your fingers crossed. I am very glad that we can recycle the Pods, and I encourage everyone to sign up for the program to avoid filling landfills with medical waste-- and batteries! Please share your experiences the first time you try to ship your Pods in for recycling. With over 1000 users, if we all recycle, Fed Ex will get used to us.

I find this funny - did they call you? I called them around lunchtime today, and mentioned that I knew someone else had already called, but that they had never responded to her, so I wanted to know what the deal was - and I got the answer about the deal with FedEx. Interesting.

No, they did not call me. I had to call them back, but when I started to tell Jason the story, he then told me about the “deal” they made with Fed Ex. I stick two used Pods adhesive-to-adhesive to take up less room in the bag, so I am still not to the point where I need to send a bag in yet. I hope that there are no weight limits on the recycled bag, because I tend to pack things tight when I recycle. I hope everyone shares their recycling experiences. I will let you know when I take mine in to Fed Ex. My experience with them in this city is that they are “by the book” with regulations, so I actually anticipate some hassle. I hope I am wrong. I’ll let everyone know.