Confused, mad, and what other felling

I cant what till my first doc app on the 17th, and another good thingis about that is my soon to be husband is going with… maybe he will learn something. I am so tierd of him telling me that I am not the same person he met 3 years ago. I mean yeh I admit I am always tired no energy what so ever, and I have explained how the mood swings could be of my reading being all over the place BBBUUUTTT.
and the other thing is these dang readings I have been geting the last couple of weeks, I went for the fist time in about a month with normal blood readings(maybe 4-5 days) eating normal things, and then I go low on sun. 66 then eat and get 165 3 hours after, then this morning my fasting number is the highest its ever been since testing on a regular basis, 120!!! nothing to eat alnight.

Sounds familiar, Miranda. I think we all went through each of those feelings in the beginning. Best thing to do, is be very patient with yourself and those around you. This thing takes time and a lot of patience. Don’t be discouraged, just be consistent and persistent. You will find balance in time. The whole secret is learning as much as you can handle each day. The more you stick with high nutrition, low calorie foods (you know, the ones Mother Nature provides), along with adequate daily exercise, the easier your numbers will be to manage.

120 fasting in the morning is fine. It’s just the body converting glycogen into glucose in preparation for the day’s activities. Your main focus should be on consuming foods that are most likely going to help you lower your insulin resistance. I can tell you this, they’re not likely to be the ones that come out of a factory. They’re most likely to be the foods that come from trees, plants, water, and the open range.

I suggest getting Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live” and begin your quest there. Or, you can visit my diabetes info page and see how I managed: Craig’s diabetes info page.

Living with Diabetes is an ongoing education. As you learn more and more about this disease you’ll want to know more, so be open to all factual information you can get.

How much did you eat to bring up that 66? That likely has something to do with the 165 3 hours later. And what is “eating normal things” for you?

A low is always the fault of something - but not always something you could have caught! You could have had too much of whatever med you’re on, you could have pushed your blood sugar higher with food and caused your body to respond with insulin (if you’re type 2), you might have had a different activity level… In 18 years with Type 1, I can tell you that it’s unrealistic to expect control for more than a day at a time sometimes. You will have great periods and rough periods. You just have to do your best to correct problems as they occur.

And a fasting of 120 is okay. Don’t sweat that one so much. You’re doing great! It’s a whole new ballgame and you’ve got a long road ahead. Every day is a new day. Good luck until your doctor’s appointment!