Congrats Manny and TU!

TuDiabetes reached over 9000 (that is Nine Thousand, uh, 9 and 3 zeros people, that’s like a Lot).
Woo hoo!

How awesome.
This community has grown by leaps and bounds in the one year I have been a part of it.
Can’t say I have been really apart of it all that much lately.
I’ve been busy with life outside of D – my job that is.
Otherwise, church and family keep me busy.
Oh and that thing I call a blog.

Either way.

Congrats again TuDiabetes (especially Manny for all of his hard work).
Job Well Done my friend.

You have created a virtual community that So many rely on.
A safe place, a warm and welcoming place.

Thank you for all you do.