Constant reliability problems

Now that I have that new battery cap, started with another new sensor and it ran fine for a few hours, calibrating sucessfully. In the past half hour though, I got "weak signal" , for 30 mins; then "lost sensor". so I had it "find lost sensor" and then the thing gave me a "hi Alert". for the next 10 mins, now it shows "weak signal" again. Recently, Medtronic gave me a new transmitter because they thought that was the cause of this continually erratic perfromance but, after just a week, we're back at the same old game.
Prior to that, I had periods where the monitor would show only one bar remaining, on the battery status icon; then later in the day it would miraculously show that the battery must have re-charged itself, with 4 or 5 bars. Medtronic replaced the whole 723 pump/ monitor at that time.

Anyone else having similar problems??

I am currently on my second Medtronic pump and have had the battery cap issue, but the new one worked fine.

Honestly, I gave up on the CGM. It was too controlling and was making me lose a lot of sleep--it would beep as low or high a lot at night and then when I tested, I was really OK most the time. This did not happen during the day, oddly enough.

Sounds like they have replaced everything for you.