Let's try this again: MEDTRONIC Users: Weak Signal?

I have had an Medtronic pump for 6 years. Only time I ever had a weak signal was when I left the pump in the bedroom and showered too long. But I just reattached and it all righted itself.

Lately, I am having a devil of a time with weak signals; have had two in less than 12 hours. It shuts down the pump and acts like I have a brand new sensor--takes 2.5 hours to request a BG reading. all batteries and charges are fairly new-in the last two days.

I called Medtronic a while back, and I was told than anything could cause it--a passing police car, a cell phone, any radio frequency. OK, but why has this just become a problem recently? Why wasn't it a problem all the years before?

I restart the sensor to speed up the process, but oddly, it still takes a couple of hours until a reading is needed. As I always restart the sensor on Saturday, I know it usually takes 5-10 minutes on a restart to ask for a BG.

Ideas? Experiences? This has become a real pain for me....

(Sorry. I wrote this really quickly this morning and got the names confused. My bad.


Your Post makes little sense, Accu-Chek does not sell a CGM product on this side of the planet,they purchased the Navigator CGM back in 2008-2009 and discontinued US support. It's on the market in Europe and some other countries, such as Israel and Australia.

You profile says your a MiniMed user?

Doesnt make sense to me either. I live in europe and have never heard of an akku check cgm. Spock could you help us understand?

I am sorry. I wrote this really fast and got the names mixed up. It is Medtronic....

It's possible your transmitter is getting weak. My first one lasted about three years.

Good thought, but I had the transmitter replaced over the summer, and it was recently charged (Wednesday.)


I am wearing my medtronic sensor in my arm and often sleep on it. I will wake up and have lost connection with my sensor. I just go into my pump settings and sensor- link to sensor and then - find lost sensor. It will find my sensor and often adds the last half hour of missed data. Dont choose new sensor or you will have a long wait! Occasionally it will ask me a meter BG for calibration.

Capin, this was my experience in the past. And my current concern is that this no longer happens. If I "find lost sensor" I have a 3 hour warm up and lose all data. Once I get a weak signal alarm, it is over--2-3 hours no matter how I approach it.

I used to think it was where I wore my sensor and kept the pump. In both cases today, the pump and sensor were 3 inches apart. Additionally, it will weak sensor with everything in the usual configuration--pump in pocket.

And normally when I new sensor with a weak signal, I need a reading in 2 hours in lieu of 3.

OK, second recommendation. Have you tried standing on your head?

I am about to, if I can't fix this. Made me laugh! Thanks

I pretty much keep mine clipped to my belt/ waistband on the same side as the transmitter which I always do on my left. I'm just used to it and seem to get enough rotation to make things work ok. That way the sensor is always 3-5" away from the CGM and seems to eliminate that problem.

we had the same issue several times .. I think the reason is bad sensors .. and I can 99% confirm that because we buy boxes of 5 and the problem persisted with all of them ..
And I am talking Enlite sensors .. the new ones ..
Our problem was this .. We use Guardian RealTime with Enlite for two years now .. and then this happened .. weak signal .. I put the receiver as close as possible to the transmitter .. but still .. weak signal .. and yet again - 40 minutes .. Then I get a warmup .. and then 2 hours after that we get Enter BG Now .. and it starts working again .. then several hours later the story happens again .. As I already mentioned that thing happened with all the sensors from that batch/box .. Note firstly we made transmitter check to see if there is problem with the transmitter but the ISIG was in range

well bad sensors may be part of the issue, but I suspect the software has some loose screws. A bad sensor should not strangle the software from properly reporting correct link status even if sensor is a dufus.