Constantly high HbA1C levels, but not yet on insulin

My last HbA1C level was 11.6% which I find alarmingly high, my two before that were also around the same levels, and all this even though I count my carbs, eat a really healthy diet and exercise for over an hour on a daily basis. My blood sugar which used to be quite good has completely gone haywire since I had a mountain of stress, which is still continuing today but in a lesser way.

I was diagnosed as a type 2 but have always felt this was the wrong diagnosis. After bags of research I believe that I really am a type 1.5 and I think my out of control BG is now starting to prove this as my regeme hasn’t changed much if at all since I had good control of it. I’m a normal sized diabetic, really active and fit and have none of the bad side effects of type 2 diabetes other than sugar in the blood and urine, so at the moment I feel lucky there… but I worry about the later effects if I don’t get this monster under control.

I was hoping to avoid having to take insulin for as long as I could, but if I do have 1.5 then I know I won’t be able to avoid it any longer… My doctor is putting my onto insulin in January so hopefully this will bring not only the sugar down but also the A1C levels… but what if it doesn’t? I’m unsure of the next move since any change in my diet will make me lose more weight and I can’t afford to lose anymore. I weigh 123lbs and I’m 5’5" in height.

Any ideas? Any advice is welcome. x

Since I wrote this post, I’d like to give an update… I’m now on Levimure after taking novalin for a while, My latest A1c is unfortunately 9.9… It did go down at one point to 8.00 when I was first put onto Novalin, but unfortunately, it has steadily risen again… My main problem I believe is stress… over the last 18 months we have had 9 close relatives die and each time stress raises it’s ugly head, my blood sugar does the same. Hopefully one of these days, I will be able to say that I am below 7.5 but for now I’m still trying to get there.