Constant high blood sugar

I haven’t been here in awhile. I was diagnosed with Type 1 in April 2016. Pretty good control with a1c of 6.1. Not bad not good. Not much has changed other than in the last few weeks my blood sugar is horrible. What steps do you take when your blood sugar is getting out of whack? I take Langue and Novolog. I feel okay (not sick) but I just had a 426 today and I haven’t been over 200 in a loooong time. Been steady 300 for a few days despite eating low carbs…exercising and slowly increasing basal insulin. Wondering what the neck in missing because it’s starting to take its toll. Any advice would be appreciated.

Have you considered getting a blood test to check for an infection that isn’t obvious yet? That could send your BG’s crazy. Is your insulin gone bad? Have you checked your ketones? If you are getting your insulin then even if you are high, ketones shouldn’t be through the roof. I would try to get an appointment ASAP with my Dr. if my BG’s were over 300 for that long.

Please stay as hydrated as possible and if you get nauseous or anything please go to the emergency room right away. You could have a bad batch of insulin even if you have been properly storing it. Did you recently open a new box or did the high BG’s start in the middle of a bottle or pen? The only time something like this happened to me was when I had a growth spurt as a kid and it turned out I was taking half the insulin someone my weight should have been on. I hope you can resolve this soon.


If you think that the high blood sugar could be temporary, please consider doing corrections just with short acting insulin. If you change your basal significantly and things suddenly go back to normal you may be left with a very serious and persistent low.

I second the Fienza asking you to look into possible infection or developing illness.

Can you give some examples of what you have been eating when your BG was high?

Thanks for responding everyone. I’ll make an appointment today. Woke up this AM and sugar is up to 264. Blah.

Willow…yesterday I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Tuna and a tomato for lunch and chili for dinner. Before I ate lunch…my BG was 120 (lowest in 3 days) but skyrocketed again.

JustLookin…I hope it’s temporary and will increase Novolog.

Firenza…do you go in every time you BG gets high? It takes months to get into my hero and my family doctor is ALWAYS scared to do anything because I’m diabetic.

I had 2 episodes of insulin resistance in the past month (I’ve been T1 for 55 years, I’m on a pump and I never have IR unless I’m sick).

First, check all the usual culprits: Change injections sites, get new vials of insulin.

Second, are you sick or do you have an infection?

Third (this was my issue): Are you on any meds that could cause IR? Turned out one of my BP meds (a CCB => Irbesartan) was causing kidney issues, which in turn made me insulin resistant. 2 days after stopping med I was back to normal.

Good luck!

What you describe is my normal clinical picture. I eat exactly the same amount of the identical kind of food every day at exactly the same time, all carefully weighed and timed, and have exactly the same level of activity every single day of my life, and I keep meticulous records of all my blood sugar readings and insulin dosing. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the same eating regimen and the same insulin dose will produce an average glucose reading of 147, and then, suddenly, on Thursday, the average for the day will be 823, and then, even if I make no correction in the insulin dose, the next day’s average will be 83, and because it dips below 20 at one point in the day, I will have another visit from the emergency medical services so that the hospital emergency physician can scold me for not controlling my blood sugar. “You must have skipped a meal,” he says, helpfully.

Who knows what causes this, though I have noticed that changes in the weather, emotional stress, and worry can induce sudden changes.

No I don’t. The last time I stayed that high for several days in a row I was 11 years old and like I mentioned I’d had a growth spurt and we didn’t realize that I had gained a lot of weight because of it.

I would tell the person who answers the phone at your endo that you have been running in the 300’s for days and you do not know what to do. If they are worth their salt they will either get the Dr. to call you back or get you an emergency appointment or send you to the emergency room. If you can’t get them to get you in right away then ask for some advice because this is a serious issue and really should be looked into by a Dr. preferably with some blood tests to check for infections and organ function.

Steady 200s today. I called my doctor. Didn’t advise ER visit but will see me next week. Weather has changed and may be ovulating (my BS always goes high for a few days but not THAT high).

Jim…gres t idea. I looked at my own and it’s a month expired. I LOVE when I get a rx and it’s almost expired. Changed pen and will use a new site. Thank you!

Seydiltz…part of me posting is hoping others to thru this at times. When something like this happens i feel so alone. I did tell my husband about it but he doesn’t know what to do other than listen. That’s good enough at times but sometimes I need validation. I hate diabetes. Even more so when I watch everything and diabetes still gives me the middle finger. Feeling sorry for myself today.

Fireenza…Thank you. I hate calling my Endo. I did it today and glad I did. Even though I knew what they would say but will bring it up again if it’s not better. Argh. So frustrating.

Side note. I have been working a lot and weather is changing in Montana (brrrrr). Maybe I have a slight cold too.

Maybe a mix of things. Like.I ever need that!! Better today…still high. But feel a bit better than yesterday.

Switch vials of insulin. My first thought unless I have eaten out of wack is that my insulin may be bad. If not the insulin then think of basels.

Have you been sleeping in any unusual positions in bed? Sometimes laying in certain positions can cause the infusion set to get blocked, therefore causing high BGs. Have you tried using syringes for a little while? We obviously try to avoid doing this when on the pump, but it would be a good way to determine whether the problem is the insulin, a blocked infusion set, your body rejecting the insulin, or something else. I would try doing a BG, doing an injection, and then waiting several hours (maybe 5 or so) to see how much it has come down. Did it come down at all? Did it come down some, just not as much as you expected?

Its frustrating to try so hard, then these issues arise and its tough to figure out.I have ha 2 days of similar stuff , determined it is pump insertion into scar tissue causing IR. You have not had T1 long so this is probably not the case. Strongly suggest switching to MDI for a few ays to see how you respond. Drink tons of water!
You are not alone my friend. This condition is impossible to get right all the time. Most of the time is best we can do. Be patient and easy on yourself please.

The OP is on MDI.

Disclaimer: Im not a doctor so the following is not a medical advise. Always check with your doctor.

First… I assume your pancreas “honeymoon“ time is over so you are now a 100% T1D with all the consequences like a complicated glucose management

Second you have developed an insulin resistance

For 1st: you have to manage your diabetes much closer. Times with a1c of 6 are history. But all will become better over time
For 2nd: you need a lot more insulin to overcome the insulin resistance combined with exercise

BTW. … I’m a t1d myself working for diafyt MedTech


Get on Jardiance too. It was a huge help to me. Google it for T1D’s and you’ll see the majority of people love it. Lowered my A1C almost 1%. You have to ask your doctor to write it “off label” for you since it currently isn’t FDA approved for T1D’s.

Since you’ve only been Dx’d with T1 since 2016, I am assuming you are LADA (Latent Auto=-Immune Diabetes in Adults). Often they have a longer “honeymoon” predio where the pancreas can squeak out a little bit of insulin. Full onset can take a few months to a few years. It could very well be that your “honeymoon is over”. Your insulin regimes will need to change, and will somewhat stabilize as you adjust to this new phase.

Funny enough you and I were diagnosed the same month! I follow a similar regimen of low carb and moderate activity. IF this doesn’t turn out to be your insulin consider the following:

  1. if you were feeling sick did you try any medications? I used an elderberry medicine and an immune enhancing tincture at different times, both drove my BG sky high.
  2. what is low carb to you? do you eat lots of low net carb foods? for example stuff high in soluble fiber? Fiber digests slow but if you have bulked up on it lately it can then slowly release or “leak” out of your liver. Much to my delight I recently found Rebel Ice Cream (no affiliation) and find that while it is pretty good for after meal BG the next morning I am usually higher than average. If I binge on the stuff it stays higher until lunch time.
  3. what is your stress level like? My father ended up in the hospital last summer and had a pretty close call. My sugar was “fragile” as in super easy to elevate. I basically had to eat strict Keto if I didn’t I would rise much more than usual with foods I have rigorously tested.

Hope this helps, good luck!

ps Find an Endo you like to call

Call or see your endocrinologist asap. Listen to the doc. I am 61 wit type 1 since age 3. Look up the implantable glucose sensor from Senseonics. I am in process of getting it. Senseonics Eversense implanted 90 days eventually 365 days. The most accurate glucose monitor made. Regards, Miles

Thank you guys for responding. It’s the end of my honeymoon phase. I just know it. You guys are right. Endo appt moved to next week.

It sucks. I feel defeated today. Blood sugar was 114 when I went to bed. 196 when I woke up. That starts my day on the defense. Haha.

Stress level hasn’t been too bad. I do coach soccer so that helps.

I’m going to look at the implantable device!!!