Contact Detach

No, it goes straight in, but if it didn't work for you, it didn't work!

Any updates on the Contact Detach infusion sets? Were you able to go beyond two days without any site discomfort? As part of an infusion set experiment I ordered one box each of the CD 6mm and 8mm. I found they performed well but the site usually gets sore during the third day. I've read from more than one source that changing every second day is best. My current favorite is the inset 90 degree, 6mm depth cannula.

Hi Terry. Yes, I was able to go 3 days with the Contact. I assume I would have made it to 4 if I'd had enough insulin, as that's what I get with my Inset 30's when they don't bend.

Looks like you now have another viable infusion set option. Are the CD’s your new “go to” set or will you be ordering a variety? If bent cannulas were your predominant failure mode then CD’s definitely solve that problem.

Experimenting and identifying alternate solutions are really a key to maintaining good BG’s. Sometimes you need to try something new. It does seem to go against the grain of human nature to stick with the “tried and true.”

Not sure yet, Terry as I've only used two CD's. I ordered one box of them and 4 of my inset 30's so I'm going to intersperse them and see how it goes then decide what to order when I get to reorder time! They certainly are a lot easier to insert than I'd thought especially given my panic above when I read the directions or lack thereof! (But that's how I often react - freak out a little than adapt really quickly). But anyone who is hesitating to try them because they think they can't do the manual insert thing (as I did for quite awhile) go ahead and try, it's easier than you think.

Sounds like you get a steady 3 days from the Insets? What more can we ask? Oh yes, for it all to be cheaper! (I'm awaiting my deductable for 2013-ouch!