Contact Detach

Ok, please read this post with the understanding that I totally admit I have awful eye-hand coordination; things that may seem self-evident to the more mechanically inclined, boggle my mind!

Ok, so I decided to try the contact detach manual metal infusion sets as so many of you said they solve many of the problems we have with sets (like bent canulas). I ordered one box along with four of my usual inset 30 and figured I'd give it a try. So I just opened the box and got ready to read over the directions prior to insertion (or trying to insert). THERE ARE NO DIRECTIONS??!! There is this huge pamphlet but on looking through it it mostly contains warnings and "usage indicators" in about 20 different languages. The only thing vaguely resembling directions is a diagram. I don't DO diagrams - I need words. Do this and then do that. I seriously can't believe there are no words. I looked at the objects contained in the plastic package and they didn't make any sense. There are either too many, too few or the wrong objects! I tried looking at the list of contents which didn't help a lot: "Retaining wings"? Coupling housing? Huh? Am I missing the directions? Or am I just missing the hand eye coordination gene that would allow me to see this as completely self-explanatory!!??

Perhaps this will help.

Hey Zoe, connect two parts before you prime, pinch clear rubber circle on top of set (kind of like butterfly wings), this gives you something g to hold onto, take off tape and needle protector, then just pop it in like a thumb tack…

Thanks, Kara. After staring at the "parts" for a bit, I decided to basically ignore the inscrutable diagrams and just do it all logically. So I pulled off the sticky stuff and popped in the metal needle without too much fuss and then realized I was supposed to connect the parts first before inserting. Alright try again! (Maybe I won't totally ignore the diagrams!)<:::Making a cappuccino...the directions should have said that!/p>

here is some more data:

However, I personally prefer to do Step 7) prior to Step 4)

Words!! Yes, words!! After I got over the fact that there were no directions I sort of liked the idea of figuring it out all on my own (Zoe, age 6), but then I only have 10 of the things to go through!

Thanks, Tom, will report back shortly!

Ok, I think I got it but my only question now is do I just ignore the "fill the canula" step in the priming sequence?

I actually needed something with words, etta amy (it's how I learn best) but thanks for the youtube link!

No need for the fill the canula step. One item to note, Zoe. My CDE has advised to change out the Contact/Detach after two days, instead of three. While it doesn't make sense that the steel needle would cause a problem sooner, it can. I'm currently in the 3rd day and my numbers have been running higher than normal with no other explanation. Just giving you a heads up to be aware in the event you start seeing increased BG #'s.

Best wishes for great results.

Thanks, NorCal, I figured that was the case, but I'm just used to that part!

I hope not! If I don't have any problems I can usually go four days. Two would be too expensive for me. Does that always happen to you if you try and go three days? I guess I'll just see how it goes since the number of days we get seems to be very individual.I'll definitely watch carefully today to make sure I got it in right. After my original freak out it seemed all too easy! (Amazing what a "little help from my friends" can do!

No it doesn't always happen Zoe, but it is not uncommon for me. I do have to be careful since I have some scar tissue development in less than a year of pumping (I know, oh joy!). If I get a clean spot, 3 days aren't a problem. They've suggested that I try the Inset 30, which I trailed once with just OK results. Before doing it again, I'd ask for at least 3 samples to see if they would work for me.

Thanks, neighbor. Yes, that's what I did with the Contact, though I just went ahead and bought a box. When I was trying the Inset and the Inset 30 I found I needed more time to experience each one before I settled. I settled on the Inset 30 though there wasn't much difference for me, mainly I just liked having the little window. Sorry you've developed scar tissue in such a short time! I'm assuming you rotate to completely different sites on a regular basis? Maybe you just have sensitive skin.

When I was in the endo's office recently, the nurse was checking for scar tissue, found some sites and had me feel them. She said, feel that? Yeah, I said "frozen peas". She smiled and agreed that's what they feel like. Just have to fully avoid these small areas until they "heal".

Yay! Zoe! I go ahead and prime the cannula "again" I just use 0.05 units, but that way I know when I lst changed the infusion set. My insulin needs can vary. so the three day cartridge/infusion rule doesn't always apply. The only was I know it's been three days is to check the filled cannula part of the history. That is one of the things I miss about my Cozmore pump, it had a change infusion reminder. Butt (pun intended) the comfrot detach does open up a whole new batch of real estate for sites.

Thanks, artwoman for the "yay". Though until I see my numbers I won't be positive I did it right! I actually keep track of when I changed my set old school in my notebook with my other records.I was high when I changed my set - 150 and I'm still there, but it that doesn't prove

A completely unrelated technical question. I got notification of this post as I started the thread, but I notice that Animas doesn't come up in the list of groups with recent activity on the right which is how I usually know there has been recent posts. Does everyone else not have this icon over there right now either?

Hi Zoe. I use the Contact-D's, 6mm cannula, and they can last as long as 5 days, but routinely I change them at three. I even re-use them by leaving the detach part where it is, pulling out the needle part and trimming off the adhesive circle, then cleaning the needle with an alcohol swab and popping it back in in a new spot, taping it down. So thrifty, right? (I used to not have insurance)

I've learned that if I touch the needle lightly to my skin in the area I hope to use till I find a spot that feels the needle the least, those sites last the best.

Another goofy thing that might help - IF the site is in an area that often gets bumped inadvertently (like at counter top level), if I put one of those "O" shaped Dr. Scholl's callous protectors over the site it decreases the thumb tack effect.

Good luck and I hope they give you good results.

Hi earthling; thanks for your suggestions. So far so good on the one I inserted yesterday. It's kind of cool to not have to worry about the site "going bad" due to a bent canula, a problem that I've never been able to totally avoid with the other type sets.

Hi Zoe

How's it going with the Comfort Detach sets are you liking them, I assume by now you've changed sets. I tried them once in the 1st 3 months of my pumping journey when I was still terrified about set changes, they just kept falling out so I gave up! I hope you have better luck.

I like them, Annabella! No problem with them falling out. The first time (I've used two) I bled, but that happens sometimes with all sets. I definitely see the reduce problems. I'll intersperse them with my Inset 30's as I only got one box and then decide down the road what to order next time.

As I remember it the CD goes in at a 90 degree angle, I find that difficult on my abdomen. too much bending down gardening. I get worse BG numbers.