Quick-set connection problem

Has this happened to any one else? I detach my infusion set for a shower or bath and when I try to re-attach it won’t. I can’t get the ring to press on to the infusion site. The cover will also not go back on at the site. Does that make sense? I had this happen on several sets from the same box last fall, but this time I am mostly through a box and it just happened. The lot number is 9200390. Please don’t tell me to switch to Sure-T. I use them occasionally, but they hurt. I know I can call minimed and they will send me a replacement, but they never give an explanation or tell me if it’s a common problem.

I had the same problem happen to 3 or 4 of mine also. They seemed to be all from the same box with the 43" tubing. Its like once I disconnected I could not connect again. I would spend 15-20 minutes trying to re-connect with no success! Very frustrating! I called Minimed to inform them of the problem and they said they were aware and working on a fix. I know its a pain to call them, but the more people the complain the more likely they will be to realize/fix the problem. Hope that helps to at least know you’re not the only one experiencing that problem! Oh, and they did send me replacements and I received them a day or 2 after i called to complain.

Thanks, I will call tomorrow. Mine are the shorter tubing, but I guess that really wouldn’t matter.

I had this happen just once, a couple of months ago. My brother also has had it happen a few times. We both just changed the top part of the site (the part that’s connected to the tubing) and it worked out okay. Of course, we had to re-prime the tubing, but that wasn’t much of a problem.


Take a close look at an old one when you pull it out. You can see a little knotch that nees to be lined up. If you can’t get one to connect, you can used a pair of tweezers or something like that to rotate the ring to the right position. IT will click when it is in the right place. Once it is in place you can reconnect the line.

For me, it has happened a few times, mostly when I disconnect in a hurry and only in the last year or so with the Quick Set product.

I’ve started having this happen to me with more regularity. It’s frustrating, and I’m always worried that I won’t get it hooked up right again and then I won’t get my insulin…

i had the same problems a couple of times also when i was using the quicksets for 2 months- MM was always cool about sending me new ones and always asked me to send back the ones i had problems with.
one thing i did notice with one of them was that the ring had rotated (same problem S Woodward commented on) and i didnt want to mess with it so i got a new infusion set.

(this is weird but) another time my fiance and i were trying to get the tubing attached and a piece of clear plastic fell on the floor off of the infusion set- it wasnt shaped like any part of the set and wasnt an important peice that had broken off- almost looked like it was plastic leftover from the mold- i still havent figured out what it was but i sent it back to MM with the broken infusion set. like i said… weird