Continued Complications

And the saga of me and my tenuous relationship with good health continues. Two days ago, I worked an 8 hour shift. I work on my feet in a kitchen, and I run around all day. At the end of my shift, my legs and feet were very sore and swelled up pretty badly. I get mild edema in my legs sometimes, but not very often and not very noticeable, and it usually goes away after I get off of my feet.

Unfortunately, the swelling has persisted for the last two days. It hasn’t really gone away at all. It wasn’t quite as bad this morning, as I’ve been sleeping with my legs elevated. The swelling returned immediately after I was back on my feet today. I saw my doctor. My sugars are in range, my blood pressure is perfect and I’m not retaining water. I am on diuretics now, just in case, but there was no pressure pitting when she pressed in on my legs. She has ruled out a clot because I have the swelling uniform in both legs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what is wrong or why it’s happening.

The swelling gets so bad that my toes go numb. They aren’t really cold or turning blue, but they do feel numb. My legs are pretty sore to touch, but most of the pain is in walking. It feels like I pulled both calf muscles, got shin splints and then walked a few hours, uphill, barefoot and on concrete.

I was ordered on a day off my feet and forced to take the day off of work. Has anyone else experienced this at all? I did recently recover from a nasty stomach flu and dehydration.

Thanks. It is a relief to hear that someone else has unexplained swelling. Yeah, that’s pretty much the case here, too. The swelling is at least down in the morning now, but the minute my feet are on the floor, my legs are swollen all over again. I will definitely look into the fennel seeds and parsely- I already eat a ton of salad and celery. I don’t drink much caffeine anymore- almost completely cut out coffee. I fought the dehydration hard with water and sugarfree powerade. I have packages of electrolyte powder, also.