Swollen foot and toes.?but on the OTHER FOOT

Hi all this is not the foot I had surgery on.( see post "quick fall on Ice broken ankle")It is the other.the one I am scooting around on and bearing all my weight on when transferring and transporting myself,with the knee walker, the busy foot. Should I go to the Er or urgent care? I have edema in the healthy foot and toes today. It is not painful but I am concerned about it. I have not had such a condition since I had an epidural corticosteroid injection, years ago. I am concerned about
DVT. and am mulling kidney malfunction, though I sincerely doubt that is what it is..

The casted right foot on which I had surgery was looked at by the surgeon on Tuesday and he said it was ok. Other leg was not looked at by his choice, but it was slightly swollen then. I have not been off of it as much as I should .Only elevated the foot in the cast.
My endo wants me to come into see him .I have an 8:30a.m. apt with him on Monday. They called me: He wants to discuss results of my 24 hour urine test for calcium levels. I read that edema can be a sign of kidney malfunction that either precipitates or accompanies hyperparathyroidism, which he had mentioned to me to check for back at my November quarterly visit. I want to just elevate both feet and wait until Monday. My first cousin a doctor who lives out of state, says that unilateral edema could be caused by a myriad of factors: poor circulation, heart, kidney issues or blood clot. Should I go to the urgent care or just wait it out? I was not concerned about this leg/foot, but now I am.. Suggestions?. I need to get a ride there. I am by myself and hungry and running a tad low. so I am going to pray and to eat. NOW, Ciao

God bless,

Brunetta, I would call the doctor. I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this. It's bad enough to have had d as long as you and I have, and go through a surgery, and now neww worries. praying for you.

Marie,I am ok this morning. Yesterday, I had just a bit of hypo increased-anxiety, I guess. I elevated both feet, up really high, took two aspirin and rested. This a.m.,left ankle is slightly puffy, but nowhere near the swelling of yesterday. I plan to rest again, with both feet elevated most of todsy; and just ask my visitors to help me out with household tasks rather than trying to do it all myself. They tell me "That is what friends are for.", so I will trust them to that.
Did nit call any of my doctors. I will aee Mr. Endo on Monday. Thanks for your prayers.

God bless,

Oh, dear lady, it is difficult to make a rational decision when we know that so many things can go wrong........sigh.
My first thought is that your "good" leg is being used differently from normal walking.
And, due to the fact that things have improved, I think waiting until Monday is okay.
Don't forget that asking of help IS OKAY!!!
Best wishes.

Just what you didn't need right now, Brunetta! When I saw the topic it sort of reminded me of my recent swollen toe, but that came over a long term and I already know I have circulation problems. My guess as I read was similar to Kathy's that it's a strain based on how you're walking currently. I would certainly wait until Monday unless it gets significantly worse. I hope it's just strain.

I would drink lots of water too. I always do that when I have an attack of kidney paranoia although, in your situation, I dunno if getting back and forth to the bathroom is more trouble than that'd be worth? I had that weird swelling thing last spring that was really pretty alarming. Drinking water, and anything else, didn't really help but it made me feel like I was doing something...

Well, the swollen foot and ankle is normal, now, after elevation and rest. I think I had a salty diet ( On Friday am I made turkey 12 bean chili ( YUMM) and added too much sea salt and Old Bay to the recipe) that day.. Have gone back to my low sodium alternatives and foot elevation and I think I will be ok. thanks, Marie, Kathy, Zoe, Acidrock for the concern and advice. Acid, I am already drinking a least 3-4 bottles of water a day, and yeah, scooting/ hobbling to the potty is something I do a lot.. but that is ok.

I am going to see my endo about the parathyroid calcium results tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers all.. and have a great day.. I wanted the Saints to win last night...but there is always 2014...

God bless,