Contour next link meter

How important is it to use the contour meter with the 630g insulin pump? Can I use a different meter with the same results?

If it’s a contour linked meter than your bg will automatically show up on your pump therefore saving you a step. You can use other meters, but it just means more work for you as you will have to manually enter in your bg into you pump.

Yes, I actually got to use that feature and I saw how it worked. I just got hooked up to my 630g pump yesterday. I have been using my old meter most of the time. Today, after lunch I needed a correction as my dexcom let me know. I confirmed it with my contour meter and it did all the work for me. I just had to press bolus. On my vibe I used to have to input the bloodsugar. I might find this glucometer to be pretty handy.