Contour Next link Meter

My new Minimed pump arrived today with a new Contour Next Link meter in the box with it. I have always used One Touch meters. I still have the original meter I was given almost 20years ago. you know the one that takes 30 seconds to readout. All my meters have been One Touch also.

So, I have this new pump that is suppose to talk with this meter and I'm wondering if this is a good accurate meter. It has the word "NEXT" in it's name is this a newer generation meter or just the next in a long line of the same old thing.

I go for pump training next Friday, I can hardly wait. Looks like I will spend my weekend reading the mound of literature that came in the box.


The contour Link Meters are the only meters I have used besides the LifeScan meters and my first one was the paper strip light meter. I had a transplant in July and have my blood drawn every week, the Contour meters have consistently been closer to my plasma BG levels than my OneTouch ultra links...YMMV, you will have to take your Contour Next Link to the lab and find out, comparing them will probably just show random differences between the two.

congrats on the new pump. i have the 722 with contour link and have never had a problem with it unlike the one touch meters which would last no time at all and lose accuracy.
love the way my meter talks to pump eliminating need to enter numbers other than food. good luck

I recently switched from the original One Touch Link meter that came with my Minimed pump to the Countour Next meter. I still use my One Touch meter at home, but carry my Contour meter with me throughout the day.

I have found that they are both pretty reliable in terms of results; I have done quite a few simultaneous tests and haven't found significant differences.

Keep in mind that even if your result is sent to you pump, you can override it if you don't think it's accurate for some reason.

I like the size of the Contour meter, as well as the color screen. I actually like the tagging options better in my One Touch meter, but dang is that thing huge!

With the contour meter, you can just plug the meter into your computer and upload to Carelink. If you haven't got Carelink set up already, go ahead and do so. It is invaluable!!

One piece of advice: When I switched to the Contour Next meter, I had a really hard time finding the strips to go with it. Bayer makes two kinds of strips that look almost identical - Contour and Contour Next. Twice I had a pharmacist misread the prescription and give me the original Contour strips by mistake, which will not work in a Contour Next meter. Then, it seemed that all the Next strips were on back order. Took almost a week and many trips to pharmacies to find them. Also, my endo wasn't aware that Bayer had a new line of strips out and that office messed up the prescription once as well.