Cooperstown baseball tournament

Has anyone tried to send their son to the 12u baseball tournament in Cooperstown? My son's team is headed there in August 2014 and his coach has a lot of concerns regarding his Diabetes. He said that the team is required to stay in the "barracks" with two coaches, and seem to have very little contact with anyone outside the coaches and other teams. All meals are eaten together in a dining hall with players and coaches only at prescheduled times. My son is very mature and responsible but far from independent or able to take care of himself for a week, or even a day for that matter!

Hi Allie -
What a fantastic opportunity for your son! Congrats to him. How well do you know the coaches? Is one of them willing to get a quick education on how to help him? You didn't mention if he was on a pump. Maybe one thing you could do is either write or call ahead to see what the menu is and that way you can somewhat anticipate meals? Obviously the coaches would need to assist with mid-night checks. Is there a way your son - or coach- could send you regular texts through out the day? My daughter - 12, diagnosed just a year and a half ago and is not on a pump, has always attended a week long dance camp. Thankfully, we had a dance counselor that was willing to "take responsibility" by watching my daughter closely through out the day (although Elle is very good about checking BS regularly and can feel her lows) - but mostly at night for those all important checks. What they ended up doing, is two counselors traded nights with the checks. One would check Monday - the other Tuesday, etc... The biggest thing - is that they allowed my daughter to keep her cell phone so she could text me her numbers every few hours (we could talk about if she needed a snack, etc) she would also text me at each meal to let me know what and how much she was eating - sometimes even took photos of the food, so we could figure out the carb count. It was also really helpful at bedtime for us to talk (or text) how the day went, review her #'s and set a plan for the next day. Needless to say - she had a great time, everything was fine and she did really well. I was a nervous wreck the whole week! I wish you a lot of luck! It's so tough and it sounds like such an awesome opportunity (my 14 year old is a big BB player)Good luck. If I can do anything or help at all... I'll do what I can. Patti

Both of my neighbor's boys went at age 12 but they are not diabetic. But she is a good source of information if you have specific questions.

Two obvious things to check into are:
- They have 24 hour Medical Care Onsite: Can they help in any way ?
- They do not allow Outside Food and Drinks: Can you get a wavier ? Maybe you could sent something that the other boys would not normally like such as runner gel packs and they would only be used for lows.

They Food wavier should be provided. I have been able to obtain this for the SAT Testing and at Cowboys Stadium by just asking.

Hi Allie,
My son went last year to the Dreams Park. I know there is a couple down there but this sounds very Dreamspark like. The camp was great and sent me a menu ahead of time so I could figure out carbs and such. There is a full medical team with nurses who will want him to check in in the morning and bedtime. That said, its pretty lax. Connor seldom checked in. They will let you go to the medical tent but not the barracks. I was able to pack along snacks, etc for him. (You will find the strict rules end up not being so strict). Connor came back to my place a couple nights to sleep. One of his coaches was willing to be glucagon trained. There are medical staff there but it made me feel better knowing he had someone in the cabin trained. I found a place near by (ok as close as I could find) so I could swing over if needed at any time. It is an amazing experience and actually, my pic is him on the mound there last summer. I stayed in one of the breezy meadow cottages which are just up the street a bit by a food/ice cream shop Pop's Place. There ends up being lots of down time between games. What week are you going? We are going down to watch our town play the week of Aug 13-22 or something close to that. My husband umps so he will be with the town kids.