Intensive Summer Sports Training for Youth?

Our 11 YO son with T1D is very athletic and plays a variety of sports - running, soccer, basketball. We have sent him to a couple of different day and sleepaway diabetes camps, but they were not sport-specific and tended to be more sedentary than to his liking.

He's been to regular sleepaway camp and liked that, and he's going to regular sports sleepaway camp this summer. What I'd like to see is an intensive summer sports institute for young athletes with T1D. It would be an amazing opportunity to interface with other promising athletes and learn a ton about how to manage their blood sugars in the course of training and completing in their sport of choice.

I came across one basketball camp like this in the Pacific Northwest --

Does anyone know of anything like this? Soccer would be amazing.


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I don't know of any camps, but I would love to hear about what other parents do for sport snacks and all that good stuff.

My 10 year old was diagnosed last summer in the middle of swim team so that was interesting. It was caught pretty early on so we kept on schedule with camping trips and travel then into soccer and now track. With that, it would be great to hear from other parents of super active kids and lifestyles.