Who's going to camp? First time or return camper?

Very excited that Reece is going to camp this year. He is going to Camp Carolina Trails which is sponsored by ADA. He has never been to an overnight camp and I’m a little worried about it, espcecially since they aren’t allowed to call home. Would love to hear about your childs camp experiences.

I will be interested in hearing experiences as well. My son is also going to camp and it is sponsored by ADA. I am excited for him because he also has never been to camp. I will have to check into this about not being able to call home, not sure how much I like that idea.

We just got our confirmation package yesterday. I was suprised to hear there was already a waiting list. I’m guessing the kids are not suposed to bring electronics, but I really want to know for sure. My son would be lost without a video game for a whole week. That is his chill time.

I can’t speak for Camp Carolina Trails, but both of our sons have been to Bearskin Meadow Camp and have had fabulous experiences. They talk about it all year long, and can’t wait for the next session to begin! My older son has remarked more than once that camp allows him to be just like everyone else - even for a short time. I was worried the first year too, but the medical care is top notch and the counselors are trained well (lots of them are T1 too!) Try not to fret, I bet he has a great time!

I’d be interested to hear, too. My son absolutely does not want to go to a diabetes camp. When I asked him about it, he said he just wants to go to scout camp like usual and be “normal”. I’ve thought about pushing the issue a bit, but since he’s really been mature and responsible about his diagnosis, I guess I’ll let him continue to handle it his way until I see evidence that it’s not working. He’s done an amazing job of dealing with all of this - he’s pretty matter of fact about it all and just does what he has to do and gets on with life. He’s really embraced the idea of living his life and fitting in his diabetes around what he wants to do rather than letting it control his life. He has taken all of this much better than I have - I worry about him just about every minute of every day. Maybe I need to go to diabetes camp!

haha, that is a good idea! Sounds like Austin has a great attitude. If I were you I would bribe him big time. Send him to scout camp for ‘him’ and ask him to go to diabetes camp for ‘you’. Buy him a itouch or xbox or something else he really wants to get him to go. I bribed my older son with a $100 lacrosse stick to get him to go to lacrosse camp, because I KNEW it would be a good experience for him. Needless to say he was begging to go back the next year.

Your son is going to have a life changing experience, and you will too! As a parent, not being able to talk to our kids is very scary, especially in this day and age where everything is instant. I have been involved with a YMCA summer camp for 20 years. My favorite camps were always the specialty camps for cystic fybrosis, asthma, arthritis, heart problems, and hard of hearing. The independence “healthy” kids gain from camp, and the self esteem boost from the out of doors is phenomenal. When you combine that with a child with a condition such as diabetes- WOW, for your son to finally not be the “diabetic kid” the one who can’t have the snack, the one who has to stop playing the game because he is low - it will be worth the worry of not talking to him. I have seen so much magic, and childhood happen when our kids could just be normal. Just like everybody else.

My daughter loved her camp experiences until she hit 15…then she didn’t go again. I had never sent any of my children to camp but she left her weekly stay, every year, with great memories, an awareness of the highs and lows of blood sugar monitoring that we at home…could never provide. It was a tremendous experience and when I saw her looking at all of the photos at the Endo’s office this week from last year, I can tell she missed it just a little bit.
She went to Ho Mita Koda and the camp sponsored by our hospital. They were not allowed any electronic devices either but they were so busy with all of the activities, it wasn’t even noticed!
Hope everyone’s children have a super experience too!

We are doing our first camp this summer, Bearskin Meadow, as a family. My daughter, who’s 11, said she didn’t want to go without us. Even her 15 year old brother is going. I look forward to all of us being around more people that truly understands what each of us feels, but especially for my daughter. I hope your son enjoys his experience and you survive also.

My daughter went last year for first time and we just registered for this summer too. It was an awesome experience for her. I was crazy worried sending her off and I even stuck her cell phone in her bag just in case. Everything went great, she didn’t miss us at all and they took good care of her. Hope that helps.

I know! I’m really nervous about my daughter not being able to call if she wants to. In fact, I don’t know if she’ll be ok with that. This would be her first time at an overnight camp too.

Well we have signed up and paid $700, so he is definitely going. I find that subtly mentioning things well before the event gives my son time to get used to the idea. So I’ve casually mentioned that he can’t call home already and he didn’t fret over it because it is so in the future.