Coping with loss

I lost my 86-yr-old mom last week. Not unexpected, but still a sad & life-changing event for my family. When my dad passed away 9 years ago, that turned into a month or so of comfort food indulgence, lost sleep etc. I feared some of the same with preparing for the funeral, traveling out of town, sitting around at shiva (visitation), dealing with my dear (but challenging) siblings.

I'm proud to say that I stayed on track w/ my diabetes care. I brought healthy breakfast foods for the hotel. Got to the gym one morning & a walk with my brother later. Pizza was the family dinner one night. So I ate lotza salad & just ate the pizza topping, leaving the crust. I probably ate too much fruit salad, but stayed away from the omnipresent coffee cake, bagels etc.

I’m glad I could cope with the stress & sadness without turning to food. I know now that the best way to deal with stress is to stick to my health routines as much as possible.

Good job. You did something very strong during a very hard time in your life.
When I lost my dad a couple of years ago, he passed away the Friday night that huge snowstorm hit the D.C. area. I am an only child and there was no way to get home to Iowa, no plans were flying--we could not even really leave the house. Fortunately, we had a plan in place before I came home, as dad's passing was not unexpected, but my poor dad had to waitfor us to arrive and it broke my heart everyday. When I am like that, I cannot control my blood glucose effectively at all. It wasn't eating, it was grief that caused the most problems for me.

I am sorry you lost your mother, but so admire the way you are handling your grief. Hugs, Maureen

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I had taken some time off my testing my BGL--find myself this week running about 30 points above normal for me. Hopefully, this will come back down as I get back to my routines.