Cost of pumps. Can they be donated?

My Endo wants me on a pump because of the range of blood sugars and the fact that I also have a very slow digestive system.
I have Medicare and make $19.00 too much for state medicade. It takes all the money I have to survive. I was wondering what people do with their old pumps or their pumps when they change? i’ve had type 1 diabetes for 47 years and have all the complication . Thanks for being there.

I kept mine as a backup. I tried to sell it to help cover my son’s cgms with no luck. I also found out at that time that minimed charges $400 to change ownership and check it over.

Hi Debbie!

You should contact The founder is one of our members (Lahle Wolfe) and one of the coolest persons you may come in contact with.

Also, I recommend you chat with Cody Turner (another of our members -you can search for her, by clicking on Members and typing her name in the search box there) so she can share with you the steps she took to get into the pump.

Hope this helps!

There is another site called the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association that offers help to get pumps. I still have my old Pardigram 512 but because I don’t have insurance I’m not able to afford the supplies for it. Cost some where around $400 a month for the supplies for it because there is only one place that offers to sells them. The number to call for information about it is long distance but here it is and who to ask for: 919-303-6949 and ask for Charles Ray, III. The website site for it is: They just ask that you are able to afford the supplies month to month. They also offer help for testing supplies as well.


Manny suggested I chime in on this thread. My name is Lahle and I am the founder of, Inc. (it stands for Insulin Pumps for Underinsured Mellitus Patients). We take donated diabetes supplies of every kind imaginable including insulin pumps, for which we provide a tax receipt, and distribute them for free back into the community. We do not use income formulas, we look at each situation individually to assess need.

So, if you have any spare supplies (nothing is too small to make a difference to someone in need) or old, unused pump, please consider sending it to us. (FYI it is illegal in the U.S. to give your pump to someone else, or to sell it. Pumps must be donated, or routed through someone licensed to handle insulin pump distribution).

We get many clients who complain that they paid an application a fee to Charles Ray and then never hear back from them. I do not know this is true, only what I have been told by quite a few of our clients. Charles Ray only deals with Medtronic pumps. For reasons I would be happy to share privately, I would strongly discourage anyone who does not have really, really good insurance, or spare cash each month to pay full price for pump supplies, from considering a Medtronic insulin pump.

Medtronic charges $495 to transfer ownership from one pump owner to another – literally, just to change their data base records. If the pump is out of warranty, they won’t change ownership. They are currently phasing out most of their older pumps so that they cannot be serviced (this is true with other pump companies as well). This includes a current phasing out of 508 models. In other words, if you manage to get a 508 from someone and it breaks, soon you will not be able to get it fixed. If you get a pump out of warranty, there is nothing you can do.

Animas and Smith’s Medical (Deltec) both have wonderful patient assistance programs. I suggest you contact both of these companies and explain your dilema.


If you have a working pump and the only thing holding you back from using it is having no supplies, please visit We do not have everything all the time, but if you qualify, and we have the items you need, you can get free pump supplies through us.

Also, if you purchase supplies through Medtronic, you pay full price. Hock’s, American Diabetes, and other online discount pharmacies also sell Minimed pumps supplies, but a little cheaper. Also, never, ever hesitate to call your local pump rep (this is true for anyone on any pump). Local reps are usually very compassionate and often have a trunk full of free supplies they can give away.

I have had this pump since 2006 so I’m not sure if the warranty is good on it or not. Is there some way that I can find out if it is or and if there is a way to renew the warranty when I am able to start using it again?


How do I find out if there is a local rep for my pump around here?


Call Medtronic and ask who your local rep is. I do not advise telling the main office you are look for freebies, if they ask why you need the rep (and they should not) just tell them you need local support.

If you got the pump from Medtronic new in 2006 it is still under warranty. Their standard warranty is four years. If you got it from someone else, and you can tell me the model I can estimate the warranty left for you. For the most part, and pump model higher than a 508 should still be under warranty.

But Medtronic may not transfer a warranty if you got it privately and have had it for two years and did not register it – but what they do not know won’t hurt you!

This was a replacement for a pump that I had that went out. They replaced this one because it was in warranty but this is the third one I have gotten because of them going out for some odd reason.