How to donate unused insulin or Medtronic pump supplies

I just learned that the Insulin For Life USA site is receiving donations of Medtronic pump supplies and a few other things besides insulin. Here are the details from them:


Please note the specific supplies we seek - please do not send any others.

Please only send the following supplies that are no longer needed, unopened, and in-date, with at least 5 months to use-by date:

  • insulin (at least 5 months to use-by date)
  • glucose test strips (at least 5 months to use-by date)
  • unused glucose meters that are less than 2 years old
  • unopened Medtronic pump supplies (at least 5 months to use-by date)

    Please send by ordinary mail. No cool pack needed for insulin - it stores well for the very short period involved in transit.

    Please send your donation of items to:

    Dr Alicia Jenkins


    BSEB 302

    The University of Oklahoma

    Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

    941 Stanton L. Young Boulevard

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

    Thank you for your assistance - you are helping save lives.

Just a small correction to this, which I’ve now clarified with Ron - it’s Medtronic pump reservoirs only, not all pump supplies. And that’s only in the USA at this stage, not in Australia or anywhere else.

Anyone wanting to donate is welcome to contact us via the website: on the Contact Us page, or the new USA site:

Thanks so much for the publicity Manny!

Is this discussion up to date/correct? I have some insulin I could give.

Thanks! I will post some info about this on the other diabetes community site I belong to,

PLEASE NOTE a correction to the address:

Insulin for Life USA

PO Box 2840

Oklahoma City, OK 73101


USA site:

We currently do not need insulin pump supplies. Please email for further info on what is collected.



Hi Manny, thanks for the info… By chance do you also know of a organization, that will take Levemir pens?? I have about 6 full, and unopened boxes (that’s 30 pens). The have a good year on them (20012 exp).Since I am now using Animas, I have no need for them. I am kinda desperate to find a place to donate them, because I don’t want them to go bad. Can any body help me? Thanks…

I just learned about another group that actively helps people with diabetes get donated insulin pumps, insulin pump supplies and other diabetes supplies.

They are called The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, Inc. and you can learn more about how to donate your unused supplies to them by visiting:

hi do you steel have them i will be happy to have them i have no insurance and i need insulin to live pleas help me