Costco and dexcom

I ran across this blog about Costco and the Dexcom G6. It looks interesting, I thought some Dexcom users might be interested. Or of course maybe you already know this?


@Rphil2 thanks for the great link! I’m going to Costco tomorrow to ask about this program. :blush:

i wish you good fortunate. It sounds like a cool program.

Thanks for the post! I actually work at Costco and didn’t know this but Costco has great medical benefits so I don’t need it. But I will add that you do need a membership to use the pharmacy. You just let the person at the door checking for cards that you are going to the pharmacy. And this is probably all very true because they do order sharp containers for me that they don’t carry on the sales floor. Yeah for Costco!

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Did you mean DON’T need a membership?

Since you then say

You just let the person at the door checking for cards that you are going to the pharmacy.

I was at my local Costco today, and it’s available. Was told one person had already done it. But was also told the rebate price was only valid for members.

I called Costco to see if they had any g5 stuff. They looked it up and said “no”. bummer. I could use a few more xmitters. I want to extend my G5 equipment past the time that I am pushed onto the G6 and I dont really want to go thru the trouble of grinding away the xmitter to replace batteries and then go thru some rigamarole to get the xmitter to resume working.

My 2 favorite companies!!!

don’t forget Chick-fil-A. :slight_smile:

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It really isn’t that hard to do. I screwed up one of my transmitters learning what to do, and what NOT to do.
I definitely understand that the above cost makes this very tempting though!
I have replaced my batteries a few times now. The last time only took about 15 minutes today (plus time for the epoxy to dry/cure.)
And I wasn’t really rushing it.
With the idea of getting G5 transmitters in the future even harder, this is a good thing to learn!

Isn’t there a convoluted procedure needed to get the xmitter to work past the coded end-time? I though I saw something requiring an apple computer. If that’s the case, I might not want to do a battery change.

Ah, if you want to use it with a Dexcom receiver or phone app, then yes you need to have an Apple based computer to ‘reset’ the transmitter’s start date.
But, you only need to run Xdrip and you will not have any issues. I actually prefer xdrip over the Dexcom app, by a long shot!

Oh, excellent. I’d be fine with that.

I have been running Xdrip only for about 6 months now I think, maybe more.
I cannot upload to Clarity, or have the dexcom printouts for my endo.
I cannot integrate it with my tandem X2 pump.
But as a CGM, it has worked GREAT!
I guess I am a lucky one, I rarely calibrate. It is almost always super close. Using xdrip has been a lot more convenient that using the Dexcom app. I just don’t have integration.
Btw, at my last appointment with my endo, I just showed her my 30 day and 90 day statistics in xdrip, and she was perfectly fine with that. They way they do statistics really paints an easy to see picture.

That being said, most people have had great luck using expired G5 sensors. So stock piling those, and change the batteries our every 4 to 6 months isn’t that bad of an option, and definitely saves on money!

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I may do that if I’m FORCED onto the G6 and I can’t count of them to be as accurate as often as the G5. Seems crazy that the latest is NOT the greatest, doesn’t it??

Definitely crazy!
Although I would imagine that the people here are probably the most vocal, and it seems like we are seeing those people more than the ones have good success with them.
This is another new product, and like any new product, it takes time to work out the bugs.
And when you go on a fast timeline to launch something like this, you are GOING to have teething problems.

I firmly believe they will get these issues fixed and smoothed over.
Not entirely sure on a timeline for that though.

Funny thing is that I like to run the test programs, to QA new stuff, to be the beta tester, etc.
But I am GLAD I was not the first among those that had the G6 this time!

I’m against ever doing beta tests again. I did some Google products betas and had issues that cost me time and aggravation. It’s bad enough that the keep changing the UI for Google Maps. That one drives me bonkers! They can’t leave the UI alone, it seems, for more than a month or so. Medical stuff–I won’t consider beta testing. We have enough trouble with “stable” versions of s/w and hardware. I’m not so much in a hurry that I need to be on the “bleeding edge”.


While not a true beta test, the G6 was obviously not fully vetted before being released.
So, the customers are doing more testing that usual. I know that new products will always have some issues out of the gate. And it only stands to reason that Dexcom will correct their issues ASAP. Sounds like they are close to having the new adhesive done?

I did mean you do not need a membership for the pharmacy or to buy alcohol. But of course being an employee and stock holder, I would always say having a membership is a great idea😀

I agree do not need to be a member for pharmacy in general. But the specific case of getting rebate pricing for G6 seems to require it. That’s what they told me at my costco.