Accepting my Type1 and OWNING it, not letting it own me :)

I spent a few weeks in ICCU, and it was my final wake up call, get it together, it is not going to go away, and the more i just take enough insulin to survive, the more i am cutting down my life, and the quality of my life is lower.
I am doing better, still recovering, but I am going to a pumper and Dexcom girl!! My Dexcom should arrive today or tomorrow, and my pump should be here tomorrow as well. The pump was held up because it had to go through special security scans UPS is telling me. I am so excited, it's better than Christmas!!!! No more neglect, i am Type1 Diabetic and proud of it, and what i have overcome, and how tough i have to be!!! Am i the only one who has had T1 for so long, but still have major setbacks???

Great news to hear from you diabeticdoll! As others have said many times, your T1D is a part of you but doesn't define you.

We each have our journey with this disease that is with us all day, every day, and you are not alone in yours.

Great job in committing to tackling this head-on! You will love the Dexcom, and it will make managing your BG much better.

Good for you for taking control! No, you are not alone. There are many of us type I's that have been through so much, just like you. And there are many of us here who are willing to talk and listen and help! :D

Congrats on your decision. I wish you much better health. Good Luck with your pump and Dexcom.

I’ve had D 12 years longer than you. I have also seen others seem to have fewer issues. I believe that the insulin pump gave me a lot of freedom and the DexCom let me try to live a nearly normal life. And I believe that if I can get a bionic pancreas my health will be the best it’s been since D struck. You may be being too hard on yourself for requiring emergency medical assistance. And the bills might be hard on you. And non diabetics think they have easy rules for you to keep that will take all the issues away. But honest diabetics know how difficult treatment is. And we keep learning how important treatment is. You just said you are trying to get the treatment you need and that’s great.

Hi diabeticdoll, Just wanted to write in and say that I'm proud of you for being strong. T1D is all about choices and I think you're on a positive trend!!! The last 26 years have been up and down for me, but thankfully mostly up the last few years. You can do it!

Good luck with your enthusiastic embrace of your diabetes. Congrats on getting a pump and Dexcom CGM. Be aware, however, that these are just tools. The most important factor in how well you do long term controlling your BGs is your motivation and knowledge. Invest in yourself by learning all you can about dosing insulin effectively for your unique needs. I recommend reading Think Like a Pancreas by Scheiner and Pumping Insulin by Walsh.

Technology will continue to evolve and change but your fundamental knowledge of diabetes and your body will always be useful to you.

Sometimes we need wake up calls to improve our lives. Good for you for answering your wake up call!

Thank you!!! Yes i am taking it one day at a time, i am accepting it as part of who i am, and not being ashamed!

I cannot wait until it arrives! It was supposed to be here last week, but now it will be here tomorrow afternoon!! I am excited to see the first 24 hours, so i know what is going on with my BG levels, to help adjust my pump!

Thank you!! The more friends i have to talk to the better off i will be! I just have to reach out!

I am on day 3 of my pump and love it so far!! thank you so much for the kind words!! It is so difficult to explain to others, that sometimes low and highs are not as simple as they is more difficult then just not eating sugar or drinking some juice!! Stress is such a huge trigger for me, it will shoot my levels up and quickly!! I have to try and really focus on relaxing at work! Thank you for the kind words!!!

Terry, thank you for the info.....I am almost too embarrassed to admit that when it comes to diabetes both Type 1 and type 2 i am very educated. I have spent my whole life researching and educating others on the disease. I went to nursing school as well, and wanted to go further and specialize as a NP for diabetics, or become a CDE, but like i said i never talk about my diabetes personally. I can help someone else out all day and not bat an eyelash, but when it comes to my own dis-ease, i don't tell anyone or seek others out for support! That is my goal now, to say i am Type 1 and i am proud to wear the badge, to help others, to educate, to bring awareness to the community, to help a newly Dx person feel a little more at ease!!
I have been looking at the pumping insulin book you mentioned, and already have read the other! Thank you so much for your info!

Yes, peer support is potent and works best when communication moves in two directions. I would think that your being a T1D would help you professionally. So many health care providers just don't know how it feels driving a manual pancreas.

Hello Diabeticdoll...

Events can become potent motivation(s). I wrote a metaphor-poem a long time ago, and would ask how YOU would respond to it, given your recent potent experiences.

Does it answer your question?

Hi Diabetic Doll,

I'm glad you made it through the icu and out the other side, that must have been a terrible ordeal. That is great that it has motivated you to turn things around and get your dex and pump.

I just got a dexcom again too- it has helped me a lot already, I think you will love it! It is like having a little electronic friend with you all the time helping you to make all those numerous decisions about your treatment- it will motivate you not to neglect things.