Countdown to Freedom!

So the hubby will be returning from the Middle East in about 5 infusion site changes! I am looking forward to the day that I can say “the next time I have to change my tubing my husband will be here to watch the kids and give me 5 minutes to myself”! woo-hoo! If it weren’t for diabetes, the count-down might seem longer-(thanks MiniMed!) DOes it seem weird that I’m counting down the days by the number of times I have to change my insulin pump site? Nah, I didn’t think so…now if I were to do it by the number of glucose checks it might seem a bit longer…In about 110 more fingerpricks my boys will be reunited with their “best in the world daddy”…I think I’ll stick with the thought of only 5 more site changes!

Sending good wishes that the time passes quickly and that you have a healthy and happy reunion.

kins, you’re funny. 5 site changes.

i love you and hope things go well with the chubby hubby. ahaha. hope he’s in good sprits b/c my sis needs a damn break! he better not jump your bones for nookie right away!