My pumping days are soon to begin!

so i think i have made up my mind ~ finally!! it has been a long time coming! after trying out 3 different insulin pumps, i think i have decided to go with the Animas Ping. reason being, i like the remote. i find, even after all these years, that i just have a hard time when i am out lifting up my shirt and sticking myself in public. not a problem when i am around family and friends, but public is another story. not sure why this is. perhaps it is because i am the only diabetic in my family, and the only diabetic i know personally. i never went to camp when i was a kid (diagnosed at 12), and there was really no big fuss made over it, as far as i can remember. way back then it was 1 shot/day and so mostly that was done at home, out of the “public eye”. i guess this has just stuck with me. so the remote will be my “friend” when i am out for dinner with family or friends. i am getting excited about the whole thing. it has taken me a long time to get my head around the idea of having something “stuck” to me 24/7. so friday i am meeting with my “girls” at the clinic and i will sign the papers for my choice. ANIMAS PING HERE I COME!!!

CONGRATS and good luck! I’m totally jealous.

Congrats Kim! I’ve had my Ping for about a month and it’s been life-changing. I almost never touch the pump, the remote is great for everyday functions. I was also a little concerned about being tethered to something, but that went away fast. I’m not even aware it’s there most of the time now. My standard deviation went from 49 to 27 the first week and hasn’t gone over 29. Have fun Friday!

Congratulations! The next question will be how to carry your pump. One answer, the one I like, is with a Spibelt. And yes, have fun.