Counting Carbs

I have been trying to count carbs lately. I think that doing so will be better than the SWAG method I've been using. I need to get a better handle on the amount of carbs I eat so I can make better decisions about how much short acting insulin (Novolog) I take.

I'm finding this to be a very flustrating process and I'm wondering what experiences others have had. What resources are availiable to help learn and what practical advice anyone can give.

Gary S

I use a nutritional scale to determine nearly exact carb counts of foods, (the scale has codes for the most common foods, and will tell you how many carbs, how much fiber, protien, etc). I just use the carbs and subtract the fiber to get a NET carb count.

If the scale doesn't have a code for a food, I look up the carb count and do the math using a calculator and the scale (to get an exact serving). I have a NET carb count book, and there is also one online at

Its worth taking the time, because you have less highs and lows.