Covid-19 — An Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

I’m at a loss to offer any logical comeback that might cause people like this to reconsider their conclusion. When people don’t agree on a common set of facts then arguments aiming to persuade are futile and do more harm than good.

Maybe the best tactic is to express commiseration and extend a sincere offer to help ease her illness. How about this? “What rotten luck! Here, try some of this cinnamon-spiced tea.” (or perhaps some folk-remedy like a hot toddy)

I’m worried people wont get the corona vaccine because of this.
I don’t know how we overcome this.

I take hope in the credible sources who estimate that a vaccination threshold of somewhere around 60% will be enough to produce herd immunity. They don’t know the number exactly but their projections are based on what they do know about the nature of this virus. I hope they’re right since I realize that a certain percentage of our population will refuse to receive a vaccination.

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I think we are dead meat if he end up having to depend on other people. I just don’t know what we are gonna do. Although, there’s been an absolute run on seasonal flu vaccines, so maybe we can hit that 60% sweet spot. A lot of people are holding their kids back outta school, so when it comes to their kids, a lot of people seem to be taking it kinda serious.

I think we got a default 10% for which vaccination might as well not exist. But, that might be as high as 30% with the general state of paranoia and it being a new vaccine and all.

You think we can hit that 60%? IDK. I don’t know if we can. I hope enough people still have enough health insurance coverage by the end of this to make that 60% happen. After talking to a lot of people my own age, I have real doubts.

Maybe what they have are bad allergies and not the flu? I have bad allergies now, darn ragweed. The first frost does not always end it. Once harvest season starts here in Nebraska, that is the worst time for allergies and I feel like I have the flu every fall for about a month. I don’t live out in the country either. This year has been really bad for allergies for me, this last spring I kept wondering if I may have had Covid?

She doesn’t have the flu.
But, this happens every year during cold/flu season.
Someone gets sick and assumes the vaccine made them sick.

New issues of Diabetes Care and Diabetes are out (, from the ADA, and this caught my eye. Haven’t read it yet…

This seems to be positive, but deserves a careful read…